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Double and triple checking everything is a reality for me.

I literally don’t accept what I think I know at face value. I can read a recipe or maybe the solution to a math problem and then when I’m using the information I just read, I second guess if I actually read it right. Like it literally just entered my brain so I haven’t had time to forget it I just don’t believe I know it for some reason. Only 0.02% of the time did I actually get it wrong because I simply misread it but it doesn’t happen as often as it would need to for me to be this paranoid.

Another time where this situation happened that was really bad was when I got on the bus with two of my friends to go to the movies and I was the only one who knew the way. I have done this route hundreds of times (okay a little less but still I know my stuff) but I still had a minor panic attack where my chest clenched up about halfway through because I was worried that we got on in the wrong direction or had missed the theatre. Everything was fine, of course, but it left me wondering why in the world I kept doubting myself like this.

What is self confidence, who knows, I don’t have it…

You can share similar experiences in the comments if you have them!

Smek For President

The first answer to any of those “what person dead or alive would you want to have dinner with” questions is Adam Rex.

smekforpresidentHe’s the author and illustrator to many a book, including my all time favouriteThe True Meaning of Smekday.

We’ll get into exactly why that is in a later post so that I can put all my focus into converting you into a major fan also but the point of this post is to celebrate and anticipate!

After 8 long years, there is now a sequel. The first book was a standalone, the ending was satisfying (actually it was a lot more than that) so it’s not like we’ve been dying over a cliffhanger for the past couple years but it excites me to no end that there will be more of an alien named J.Lo and a girl named Tip in a post-alien invasion world that will apparently include a presidential campaign but I know nothing because I haven’t even read the description I just want to go in blind and be amazed.

that was one very extremely long run on sentence

Things I Hope To See In The Sequel:

– more boovish history

– comics

– Gratuity and her mom

– J.Lo not understanding normal human things

– J.Lo’s horrible grammar

– how the aliens have integrated themselves into our world

The novel came out February 10th so there is absolutely no reason as to why I am not reading it right now. That makes me a little upset. Not sure if I should just go out and buy it or wait for the 8 people in line ahead of me at the library to hurry up and finish…

If you guys are fans of Adam Rex’s work, let me know so we can discuss at length how awesome these books are!!

Late Excuse


You don’t even know how much I relate to this.

I am chronically late and even though it stresses me out it will always always happen.

I watch the clock and have a mental list of things I need to have ready before I go but somehow there’s always a mad rush to grab everything I need for school or going to a friends house and like 4 clementines in my pocket because I never got the chance to eat. Without fail.

One way I’ve learned to cope is if there’s an actual need to be on time like a job interview, I trick myself into thinking the time is 15 or 30 minutes earlier so that I’m rushing to meet that time (which I will ultimately fail) and end up ahead of the actual schedule.

If anyone has tips or want to make me feel better by saying this is how they are too, the comments are open!

Family Day

I don’t know what you Americans are on about with President’s Day but here in the north, we’re getting school and work off because of Family Day.

Thus, even though it is my reading week off from university, I have not made any plans with friends and am spending the day with the fam. But unlike other families that probably have cool things planned and winter activities to get up to we do things a little differently.

The day started by not starting until about 11:30am. Missing breakfast entirely, making the cats anxious about not being fed at their usual 6:30am and being awake but not having to get out of bed. Talk about perfect.

We then had a sorting party of receipts and coupons and laundry and got all that cleaning out of the way in a social and chill manner. My sister was looking over her physics homework at the same time so I got to reminisce about those easy times.

Then we had a super important competition of who could throw smarties up in the air and catch them in their mouth the best. I can think of nothing better than watching my mom whole-heartedly participate in this.

The rest of the day was chill, we watched the movie Babe, some episodes of elementary all the while my sister consumed 2 bags of popcorn and I crocheted a shark pencil case.

It was an amazing day and I just had to share it with yall. Normally it isn’t this stress-free to be around them which is why I’m so enthused!

Food Day

If you hang out with me and my best friend for max 3 days, you will at some point hear us discussing “Food Day”.

This was a tradition we made up last semester where once a week we each take turns picking a restaurant or food-selling location to go to and treat ourselves.


We’re engineering students, right, so our schedules are completely packed not to mention all the work and studying that needs to get done. Also we’re pretty conservative with our money and normally pack a lunch/supper so that we don’t have to buy food on campus. But at the beginning of each semester we sit down with our class schedules (which are pretty much identical luckily) and pick a time period where this outing will happen!

It’s a really great motivator because it isn’t something that happens at all except for that day and you get to look forward to it and use it as a reason to get things done. Like “if I don’t finish my lab in time I won’t be able to go to food day”

Also, during it we end up having actual girl talk conversations which really isn’t a normal occurrence. Normally we’re discussing which of our classes has the most heating vents or giggling about how we always race to get out of a certain door first but in this food experience boys actually get talked about and it’s weird but nice.

Our friends think we’re massive nerds because we count down to it and plan it way to much for what it is.

But who cares, it makes our week amazing and food and friendship is amazing.

Man Buns

You know what makes me irrationally happy? Man buns. manbun

They’re not even that attractive to me, like yes I can find dudes with the buns nice to look at but it isn’t really a factor that increases the appeal. I was actually kind of weirded out by it at first like the trend came out of nowhere and now there’s whole buzzfeed articles about them!

//Actually, my guess is that the undercut hairstyle turned into a man bun when they were too busy to keep it under control.

What gets me excited about this new fashion trend is that it’s actually become cool for men to do something that’s considered girly. Girls have long hair therefore girls wear buns is what is ingrained into our heads. But girls with short hair look fantastic so why can’t boys rock their hair a little longer? It would have been embarrassing some time ago for this to happen but we’ve embraced it and I just think that’s really nifty and wonderful!

And the best part of all is imagining them buying their own hair elastics and figuring out buns in the first place.

Card Holes

Funny side anecdote to the main anecdote to come: this was on my masterlist of ideas to write about as “holes in cards” and no other details which made sense at the time but then it was christmas season so past me thought even more past me was talking about christmas cards and nothing made sense anymore but now it is past that time of the year and present me figured it out.

Now for what you clicked here for.

casinocardsThe cards in question are playing cards, specifically discarded cards from casinos. I was at camp for a reunion with a bunch of friends and we played crazy 8 countdown about a billion times. The deck of cards had a little hole punched through the centre of each card. I knew exactly why this was a thing because my teacher told me in data management and probability in grade 12 but no one else knew and literally everyone that joined in or watched for a few seconds asked about the holes. So I got to do a lot of explaining that afternoon!!

I guess it’s not weird that nobody knew, it just never crossed my mind that they wouldn’t know. So to all 0.056 of you wondering, it’s to prevent any sort of cheating. Once a deck of cards is used, the casinos will usually get rid of them and the holes in the middle (and sometimes a corner being cut off) is how they know what has been used and what hasn’t. It’s a totally possibly thing for players to mark certain cards so that they have some advantage if that card comes up again in another round!

I think it’s kind of really wasteful but at least they let people have them (or do the casinos sell them??) after they’re done using them.


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