Snail Mail

This is something that I’m really into.

For real. If you are my friend irl, I probably at some point have asked if we can write old fashioned, hand written letters to each other. Even if I see you every day at school. There’s just something so cool about getting letters in the mailbox that your friend took the time to pen and stamp and send. You get to see their actual handwriting and everything about it is awesome.

Reminds me of this comic: 



I forget where I was going with this…

Oh yeah, closely related to writing letters is pen pals. I have always wanted one of those. But seriously, how do you get one? Where does that start happening? I remember I had one in grade 2 for English class but we only exchanged like two emails and then the teachers were like “okay that’s enough let’s move on to the next unit.” So hey, Olivia, if you’re out there, that was a very beautiful picture of a cat you sent me back in grade 2.

In conclusion, letters are about the most personal method of communication you can have with someone. It’s easy to send a facebook message but it actually means you care if you handwrite a letter and send it to someone. Currently, I’m corresponding with most of my camp friends who are spread throughout the world in Australia, British Columbia and the same city as me! Opening the mailbox and getting to see what they’re up to is literally the best feeling on earth.

3 thoughts on “Snail Mail

  1. I love technology and therefore write few handwritten notes but you are right about their impact. I send each of my tennis students their own Christmas card via snail mail each year. The novelty of actual mail plus actual mail to a child who rarely gets their own mail has proved to be a big hit. And can we talk about stamps? I love cool stamps.

  2. […] It all started after camp 3 or 4 summers ago when one of my friends and I were exchanging snail mail with each other. I didn’t have facebook or a phone at the time and he still wanted to keep in contact post camp adventure so we did the thing and wrote actual letters that we put in the mailbox and it took like a week for it to arrive. You don’t know how amazing instantaneous texting feels like after going through that. But I’m still a huge fan of the classic letter writing. […]

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