Reasons I Should NOT Get Tinder

tinder-logoA lot of my friends have this app and while I do like joining in on the “judging time” as I like to call it, I know there are many reasons I should not get it myself. Mainly because I’m immature and wouldn’t use it for the reasons intended.

  • I will swipe right based only on if I like their name.
  • Ditto for an animal of any kind in their picture.
  • I might swipe in a pattern just to see how it influences my matches for fun.
  • My ego will either skyrocket or plummet and either way it’s bad news bears.
  • I have a tendency to always answer any messages people send which is not the greatest idea if you don’t actually want to meet someone.
  • I honestly have to be reminded which direction means what so that’s always a great start.
  • I will spend way too much time looking through everyone’s pictures and bios.
  • I will definitely end up making a bingo sheet to have fun with common trends in people’s profiles.
  • Oh, and I’ve had a boyfriend for over a year whom I love very much, that’s probably important.

Anyone else share my views on tinder? Or have any funny stories, I do love hearing those, feel free to share in the comments!



Art Gallery Scavenger Hunt

Or, the cutest date I’ve been on thus far.

This is a fun thing to do with friends, family or your significant other! It sparks conversation and collaboration and will definitely be an adventure you’ll remember.

A fun fact about me is that the solution to a lot more of my dilemmas than you’d think are to do a scavenger hunt. And so when faced with the dilemma of having visited basically all the museums in town and not really being people that appreciated art too much, I decided to create a scavenger hunt for my boyfriend and I to go on while visiting the art gallery!

I didn’t know what to expect at all since the last time I’d been there was for a grade 7 field trip. So my items to search for were based on what I thought we’d find, what I hoped we’d find and what I thought was just plain funny.

The whole list is a hoot and a half but here are some gems:

  • someone whose face looks like they did their homework but forgot it at home
  • a bunch of grapes
  • the first painting by an artist we recognize
  • a painting bigger than your outstretched arms
  • a toilet
  • the time it takes to find the Condensation Cube (which was something I did remember from my previous visits)
  • a tree in all 4 seasons (can be different pictures obviously)
  • a visitor’s garbage left in the modern art section (I thought I was hilarious for thinking this one up, like what if it wasn’t just a tissue? What if it’s ART)
  • a painting that looks like a bad powerpoint template

And so on and so forth, you get the picture. (ART JOKES)

It was a huge success! We had fun strolling around, actually loving some paintings for real (we’re not completely uncultured animals) and discussing what we thought merited crossing something off the list! I think we only didn’t get about 6 items which is pretty good in my books!

Something to note is that it’s important to not be rude around the art or other guests just because you’re being a little creative and different with how you enjoy these paintings. This is obvious but I’m just putting it out there.

Definitely let me know if you plan to try this out, I’d love to hear how it goes or help brainstorm items to look for!

Curious Collections

This, my dear friends, is a picture of my apple sticker collection. Yes, I really was that cool. “was” being the key word in that sentence. I have moved on since then. I just found this while cleaning my room. ((I also remember collecting broken coloured pencil leads and literally I had a box for people […]

Reasons To Smile #5

catching something without looking


when the picture of of your birthday month in a calendar is the best one

sharing a look with your friend

putting your bag down after carrying it for a while

eating food from your very own garden

movie or book release days


learning about another culture

getting a hole-in-one while mini-putting

Dr. Seuss quotes


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