Hello, It’s Me

and I’m back to annoy you with (potentially already outdated???) pop culture references and life updates!

If you know me at all, you can probably guess that school is over and my responsibilities have disappeared which is why I have circled back to this poor, abandoned blog. I had my last of 5 difficult finals today and can safely say that I passed them all but the waiting to know my final mark is always killer.

Currently I’m easing into this feeling of not having deadlines every two seconds. My mind still hasn’t accepted that I’m free yet.

Of course, I’m going to try and get back on the Make-A-Post-Every-Day train so expect some Christmas baking, school project recaps, updates on the construction going down in my city and movie reviews coming at you in the near future!


Things I Would Say To My Younger Self

This is a list of things that stemmed from the fact that I tend to cringe a lot when thinking about my past self and what I did or thought. Things that took me forever to figure out and by the time I did, I was very late to the party and second guessing why my friends even stuck around with me.

1) Yes, people can see that pimple. No, they don’t care.

2) Use conditioner, for everyone’s sake. Pretty please.

3) Learn to study now when it’s still easy because in the future you’ll need to and you won’t know how and there will be tears.

4) Don’t be intimidated by people your age or older. Or younger, they really aren’t that intimidating. Maybe that 12 year old dresses better than you but you’ve probably got a few things on them too.

5) Be more comfortable with your silence. You are a quiet person and if you don’t feel like talking, you don’t have to!! That being said…

6) You’re allowed to talk. Just because you don’t talk often doesn’t mean you have less of a right to have everyone hear what you have to say.

7) Please wear jeans. Yes, I know your fuzzy pants match your fuzzy sweater. Now make that go away.

8) Maybe you should have broken a few more rules so that when it came to being older your mom wouldn’t still expect you to do everything she said without question. This one’s iffy actually, past me, but I’m not sure how to get around it here on my part.

9) You like music, go discover it! How did you manage not to have a favourite artist until well into high school?

These are only a couple things that come to mind for advice that could have been useful to give to the past versions of me, albeit I might not be the same person I am today if I suddenly grew a fashion sense in the 8th grade. Who knows. And I’m definitely going to be embarrassed of 19 year old Karen in the future because the cycle never ends.

What about you guys, what are some tips or comments you really really wish you could go ahead and say to previous you? Tell me them in the comments!

Holding My Cat’s Paw: A Saga

I love my cats.

I love them so much and it’s common knowledge that cats are very selective with when they’re going to show you some affection back which, for some people, is off-putting, but it just makes me even more excited when it happens.

One thing I know my cats aren’t into is letting you touch/hold/pet their paws but of course I like to see what I can get away with.

Today, my cat Oreo was in a super cuddly and purring mood (she’s chilling beside me completely relaxed and blissful) and we got the hand-holding going on. Of course, I had to record it for posterity so here you go:

she’s pretending she doesn’t notice while I’m in the corner elated
she’s happy too, I promise
the cutest lil eye contact that ever could be
can she get any more adorable

Late Excuse


You don’t even know how much I relate to this.

I am chronically late and even though it stresses me out it will always always happen.

I watch the clock and have a mental list of things I need to have ready before I go but somehow there’s always a mad rush to grab everything I need for school or going to a friends house and like 4 clementines in my pocket because I never got the chance to eat. Without fail.

One way I’ve learned to cope is if there’s an actual need to be on time like a job interview, I trick myself into thinking the time is 15 or 30 minutes earlier so that I’m rushing to meet that time (which I will ultimately fail) and end up ahead of the actual schedule.

If anyone has tips or want to make me feel better by saying this is how they are too, the comments are open!

The Dead Cells On My Fingers

aka fingernails.

I don’t know why you need a backstory for a picture of my nails but you’re going to get one anyway.

I had painted all my nails with a dark navy blue but of course that’s not good enough for me so I chose a light, see-through-ish blue to put on top of it that gave it a galaxy-ish sheen if that makes any sense at all. Once I had finished one hand, a bottle of clear sparkly nail polish caught my eye and I immediately wanted to put that on top instead to make it look like the night sky.

(Everyone puts this much thought into painting their nails, right?)

Basically, I was too lazy to redo one hand so I now have two different tinges of blue painted on either hand and here’s a picture with my face again derping in the background.

tried to make it so that you can see the dif in the colours on each hand. how considerate

Scale: Book to Movie

My friends and I do this thing.

I tend to surround myself with book nerds so many, many, many of our conversations revolve around different books and the news that includes them. Meaning that any adaptations to the big screen are always anticipated.

Right now, I’m eagerly waiting for Divergent and The Fault In Our Stars but that’s a whole other thing.

We didn’t explicitly come up with this method of grading movies on purpose, it sort of rose from the need of being able to correctly describe what you felt about how well the movie turned out compared to the book.

There are some movies that we all just agree collectively on how good or bad they are and they basically set the standards for any other movies to come.

Sadly, sitting at the bottom of the scale is the Percy Jackson movies. MAN, could you have done any worse? Like this series is loved by many and you mangle the plot so badly and don’t even remember what one of the main characters looks like. (Actually, not having Logan Lerman would probably have made it unbearable)

At the tippy top (thus far, it might be beat, which is a good thing!) is Catching Fire. The movie was so on par with the book it was amazing to see everything come alive exactly how we all imagined it in our heads. Insanely well done and a great example to any other book to movie adaptations in the works.

So that’s literally how we judge them:

“The Book Thief was not quite Catching Fire due to some things but it was pretty darn close!”

“I sure hope The Maze Runner doesn’t go Percy Jackson on us”

Worst Texter Award

…goes to me.

Even though non-face to face communication is my preferred method of communication, I still somehow manage to make it unfun to talk to me.

First of all, there’s the fact that I always forget that I’m talking to you and just leave my phone somewhere in my house only to stumble onto it a couple hours later. I also do that thing where I read a text, reply to it in my head, put my phone down and then get annoyed when you don’t text me back.

And then there’s the fact that for some reason my brain can’t comprehend the length of a normal text like either it’s 5 paragraphs long or 3 really short two word sentences. Sometimes I score and get a decent length but most of the time my friends probably want to hit their head against a wall.

Lastly, I’m no good at showing emotions. I refuse to say lol and barely use emoticons. (But to be fair, I don’t have an iphone with all those emojis but you can bet your bottom dollar all I would punctuate my texts with would be the eggplant. Hands down.) If you can squeeze a smiley face out of me then congrats because that is not a regular occurrence.

eggplant emoji
definitely me

What about you guys? What’s your preferred mode of communication? How do you think you are at texting? Let me know!!

Pointing Out Puns

I am always on the fence about this.

Let’s say that you made an incredibly pun or joke and you real casual like slipped it into the conversation you’re having really excited for whomever you’re speaking to to notice. And then they don’t. What happens next? Do you become That Guy that needs to point out the fact that they made a joke for anyone to actually tell they did or do you let the moment slip by unnoticed?

I know that I myself have this awkward anticipatory smile that I do whenever I slip in a gorgeous pun that is the outward appearance of me waiting for you to get it. If you know me well enough you will notice it and actively search through your brain for anything that could pass as a funny but if you don’t then it probably looks like I just passed gas or something and this is the point where I’m faced with the dilemma.

Because it can go in very different directions if you stop the conversation to point it out. You can get genuine laughter and appreciation, they can totally not get it and you’ll have to explain it which is totally the worst thing to happen in your career as a funny person or they can get it but not thing it’s funny and do a little pity laugh. VERY TOUGH DECISION DO YOU GET IT NOW?

Oh well, I’m already known for my awkwardness and I guess I’ll point out that yesterday’s post, Musical Moods, was a play on “musical chairs” because you have to switch chairs really quickly and that’s what my mood is doing music-wise.



This is something I’ve been thinking about recently.

I love the theme I have for this blog right now but it’s more aesthetically pleasing than functional. Like there’s not even a sidebar to link you to any other things. I’ve been going through the process of testing out other themes (obviously the free ones) and seeing what I can do with them to make them suit me and this blog.

The thing I’m really going to miss about this theme is the font!! It’s actually adorable. Like neat chicken-scratch if your catch my drift. I like making things look a little hand-made/non-perfect because then I don’t have to live up to any standards. If that makes any sense.

So stay tuned and be prepared for this change to pop up some time in the near future!