Reasons I Should NOT Get Tinder

tinder-logoA lot of my friends have this app and while I do like joining in on the “judging time” as I like to call it, I know there are many reasons I should not get it myself. Mainly because I’m immature and wouldn’t use it for the reasons intended.

  • I will swipe right based only on if I like their name.
  • Ditto for an animal of any kind in their picture.
  • I might swipe in a pattern just to see how it influences my matches for fun.
  • My ego will either skyrocket or plummet and either way it’s bad news bears.
  • I have a tendency to always answer any messages people send which is not the greatest idea if you don’t actually want to meet someone.
  • I honestly have to be reminded which direction means what so that’s always a great start.
  • I will spend way too much time looking through everyone’s pictures and bios.
  • I will definitely end up making a bingo sheet to have fun with common trends in people’s profiles.
  • Oh, and I’ve had a boyfriend for over a year whom I love very much, that’s probably important.

Anyone else share my views on tinder? Or have any funny stories, I do love hearing those, feel free to share in the comments!



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