Art Gallery Scavenger Hunt

Or, the cutest date I’ve been on thus far.

This is a fun thing to do with friends, family or your significant other! It sparks conversation and collaboration and will definitely be an adventure you’ll remember.

A fun fact about me is that the solution to a lot more of my dilemmas than you’d think are to do a scavenger hunt. And so when faced with the dilemma of having visited basically all the museums in town and not really being people that appreciated art too much, I decided to create a scavenger hunt for my boyfriend and I to go on while visiting the art gallery!

I didn’t know what to expect at all since the last time I’d been there was for a grade 7 field trip. So my items to search for were based on what I thought we’d find, what I hoped we’d find and what I thought was just plain funny.

The whole list is a hoot and a half but here are some gems:

  • someone whose face looks like they did their homework but forgot it at home
  • a bunch of grapes
  • the first painting by an artist we recognize
  • a painting bigger than your outstretched arms
  • a toilet
  • the time it takes to find the Condensation Cube (which was something I did remember from my previous visits)
  • a tree in all 4 seasons (can be different pictures obviously)
  • a visitor’s garbage left in the modern art section (I thought I was hilarious for thinking this one up, like what if it wasn’t just a tissue? What if it’s ART)
  • a painting that looks like a bad powerpoint template

And so on and so forth, you get the picture. (ART JOKES)

It was a huge success! We had fun strolling around, actually loving some paintings for real (we’re not completely uncultured animals) and discussing what we thought merited crossing something off the list! I think we only didn’t get about 6 items which is pretty good in my books!

Something to note is that it’s important to not be rude around the art or other guests just because you’re being a little creative and different with how you enjoy these paintings. This is obvious but I’m just putting it out there.

Definitely let me know if you plan to try this out, I’d love to hear how it goes or help brainstorm items to look for!

Wasting Time Efficiently

How come I’m not even good at that?

So there’s those people that get everything they need to do done so quickly and ahead of time that you question if they’re really human. Nothing compares to how organized and on top of things they stay and you would pay a lot of money to learn their ways. I feel like that is a phenomenon that you can find worldwide.

But what I’m talking about here is people that don’t necessarily get things done like planning meals in advance or doing their homework as soon as it’s assigned but they’re the ones that have seen absolutely everything social media has to offer that day and are up to date on all the popular tv shows. I am just so impressed when they spend a lazy afternoon on their bed with their laptop but they managed to watch 5 episodes of the mindy project, online shop a bit and listened to songs that came out that month.

I do a lot of lazing around the house but I am nowhere near as productive in my unproductivity. I’ll end up watching 17 youtube videos, going through a bit of tumblr and looking through the contents of my bedside drawer. Not exactly at the top of my to do list.

So if you’re either type of person that can be productive in some shape or form, hats off to you!

Listing 16 Facts About Lists

An amazingly original and zero percent sarcastic idea.

  • People like lists
  • Lists keep people organized
  • Lists help those of us that can’t actually create good sentence flow in a regular paragraph
  • You can use a list to write down thoughts without forgetting them
  • Bullet points help separate ideas
    • Sub lists create a whole new level of fun
    • Literally
    • But also make you feel so much more organized
    • While helping you clump related tasks
  • Lists let you rest your eyes and brain from reading blocks of text
  • Its efficient
  • And much easier to skim if you’re not committed to reading an entire article
  • They help classify the piece of text that appears below
  • Poetry

There once was a girl who would list/To ensure her brain would get the gist/Of what she must do/To keep track of school/Or else some homework would be missed

  • See?
  • Counting makes clickbaiting easy: 10 easy ways to eliminate a body! 17 things he may not be telling you… 6 reasons this sock will change your life!
  • Even I’m curious and I made those up
  • One word: checking off tasks in a to-do list
  • Great for brainstorms
    • To help you realize what might be a glorious idea in your head but fall flat on paper
      • Get it, flat, because paper is 2D
        • When you discover you can continue subheading forever
          • But then get annoyed when the length of a line becomes too short
            • It’s your own fault, sister
  • Not needing to come up with a conclusion

Resolutions 2015

“new year, new me” I say as I overtake the body of my next host.

– tumblr user masturbending

I’m totally okay with this being the first you hear of me in this new year.

I’ve always been on the fence about making resolutions since it just feels like I’m setting myself up for failure but you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take amirite guys? (so inspirational)

1. Read my Bible every day. I think it’s important to put away time for that kind of thing. My life gets real hectic real quickly and stuff falls to the side but I want to make it a priority to actually try to keep this up.

2. Do something school related every day. I know me and I know that I will try to rationalize that going to school counts as school but this is me on the record saying that it isn’t. Even if it’s just reading through the notes I took that day, it’ll help me immensely to not fall behind which is the major cause of any stress in my life. Also when coop applications start I have to be on that like a lion.

3. Keep my room clean.  It’ll feel really awesome and I like the idea of everything having its own place. I know how quickly it can become a danger zone so I’d like to avoid that because the cleanup is way worse than just throwing a couple things into the laundry bin.

4. Learn how to do my eyebrows better.  I know, this isn’t that important and life changing but eyebrows really do make a face look better or worse so that is something that would be nice to have.

5. Keep in better contact with my friends.  Man, I am so bad at this. I can’t even keep a text conversation going without hour long pauses where my friends are probably definitely sure I died and have already made calls about the flower arrangements at my funeral before I get back to them. And those are the people I see pretty regularly. The people that I have no common locations to run into them are the worst because I super want to continue being friends with them but losing contact is just way too easy.

6. Be less anemic.  I’m not actually anemic I’m just on the verge. But it’s enough for me not to be able to donate blood like 52% of the time which is super annoying so eating iron rich foods and all that good stuff is going to be mandatory for this year. Donating is the bomb.

So yeah, these are my resolutions of 2015, I’d love to know yours down in the comments!


They always happen at the oddest times, don’t they.

So this morning I was finishing some homework (section views if you were really curious) and needed some music to play in the background, of course. I youtubed some good old Panic! and one video just caught my eye:

I still cannot believe this kind of thing exists. Like, these are two different worlds in music land! In fact, it’s basically the only thing that appeases me (who really likes these loud punk songs sometimes) and my friend (who is a classically trained singer and mostly listens to that type of thing.)

The Vitamin String Quartet has dozens of these covers that are so well done and will take your breath away. At least they did for me; I’m basically going through a playlist of every single one of their songs.

So glad I made this discovery.

Night Owl

That describes me to a tee.

I am the most comfortable when it’s dark out, the most motivated when a normal person would have gone to bed and the most energized once it’s time to settle down. I am a night owl. I tend to get things done just as time seems to be running out pretty much.

The funny thing is that the other people in my house (my mother and my sister) are both early birds. While I may stay up until 4 in the morning finishing homework, my sister will wake up at 4 to complete it. And her brain is actually able to function.

It’s kind of unhelpful that I have the best ideas and am completely ready to turn my life around by the time it hits 1am but the world doesn’t work on my schedule so I always try to sleep before 2am so that I can get at least 6-7 hours of sleep a night.

The best is Tuesday nights though because I don’t have class until 5:30pm the next day. This is when I start reorganizing my room, planning how I’m going to eat super healthy from now on and can’t keep up with the number of ideas I’ve got for blog posts. It’s a fun place to be where somehow my eyes taking extra long blink but if I wanted to I could be asleep within 6 seconds.

Really the only downside is I can’t tweet anything because everyone else is asleep.

What about you guys? Would you call yourself an early bird or a night owl? What do you usually do with your morning or night?


They really do make or break your school life.

I think everyone who went to school and had either an amazing teacher or a horrible teacher knows that this is true. It’s actually amazing how much  of an impact they have on your life.

If a teacher is enthusiastic about the subject and cares whether or not their students learn and understand the material, no matter what you’ll enjoy yourself there more than if the teacher is just doing the bare minimum and you can tell. Even if you’re an English superstar and less than good at math, if your math teacher takes the time to make the lesson fun and easy to take in chances are you’d rather be in that class than if your English teacher just went around the class asking each student a random question from their homework and then slapped some notes on the board for everyone to copy down. Doesn’t mean you actually like math more, it just means the atmosphere is better when the teacher puts in effort.

They also can influence where your passions go. I, for example, had absolutely amazing math teachers all throughout high school. They were funny and warm and always wanted everyone to excel. This included making hilarious practice questions that, if you were lucky, had your name in it, and helping students with their questions outside of class hours. It made me want to make them proud of me and pushed me to do well and eventually fall in love with the subject.

It’s actually crazy how much of your life is shaped by teachers though. You spend the majority of your day with them for long months and it’s not surprising that they basically mold who you are. Makes me wonder how much of my personality is the way it is. Maybe I hate french because my grade 3 french teacher was super annoying. Who knows!

Just some food for thought.

If I Were Braver…

Have you ever wanted to do something ridiculous and nonsensical just to see how it would go?

I do. All the time. There’s so many things I want to experiment with just to see if I would like it or if it would look good but I am way too scared of their permanence for me to go through with any of them. Oh well, I guess I can live vicariously through other people. BUT that doesn’t stop me from making a list and letting all of the internet know what I’ve always wanted to do!

1. Side-shave haircut. Girls with that haircut are my favourite! I just can’t get over how hardcore that looks on people. It just looks effortlessly good and is so different. It’s funny whenever I tell someone that I’d actually be interested in having that because I am the opposite type of person that would get that. I’d more likely help you with your homework than beat you up in an alley but man, imagine looking like you could beat someone up in an alley but instead help them with their homework??

2. Dye it. My hair I mean. And not the whole thing actually, I really like the colour I have going on which gets prettier and lighter in the summer so I wouldn’t want to cover that up. I do like colours however so dip dying it is definitely an option! This is actually the most likely option to happen because I could totally do something over the summer that’s not really permanent. I think that some shade of blue on the tips of my hair wouldn’t look half bad and it’s not like it’ll take a lot of effort because I thankfully have light coloured hair already. Who knows. Stay tuned.

3. Eyebrow piercing. Falls under the same category as the first one: looks hardcore and unlike me so obviously I want to rebel and do it but I’m also thinking enough to know that it’s probably not a good idea. My mom would freak out. But I’ve actually been told before by different people that I could rock a small ring just around the side of my eyebrow. Apparently my bone structure is good for it?? But it’d be a nice decoration to an otherwise ordinary face.

I wonder if anyone else gets these urges to just go nuts with your body and not care about the consequences. If so, tell me about it! Bonus if you feel like convincing me that any of my ideas aren’t actually that bad you can go right ahead!