Reasons I Should NOT Get Tinder

tinder-logoA lot of my friends have this app and while I do like joining in on the “judging time” as I like to call it, I know there are many reasons I should not get it myself. Mainly because I’m immature and wouldn’t use it for the reasons intended.

  • I will swipe right based only on if I like their name.
  • Ditto for an animal of any kind in their picture.
  • I might swipe in a pattern just to see how it influences my matches for fun.
  • My ego will either skyrocket or plummet and either way it’s bad news bears.
  • I have a tendency to always answer any messages people send which is not the greatest idea if you don’t actually want to meet someone.
  • I honestly have to be reminded which direction means what so that’s always a great start.
  • I will spend way too much time looking through everyone’s pictures and bios.
  • I will definitely end up making a bingo sheet to have fun with common trends in people’s profiles.
  • Oh, and I’ve had a boyfriend for over a year whom I love very much, that’s probably important.

Anyone else share my views on tinder? Or have any funny stories, I do love hearing those, feel free to share in the comments!



The Second Mother

Originally titled: Que Horas Ela Volta? (When is she coming home?)

This is a Brazilian movie that my family and I watched recently. Only mom could actually understand the Portuguese so we had to subtitle it for my sister and I but it wasn’t too bad to read and watch at the same time.

Overall, it was a funny and sad and amazing movie! It showed the culture there and how different it was compared to the Canadian norm!

Here’s the synopsis:
Val spends 13 years working as nanny to Fabinho in Sao Paulo. She is financially stable but has to live with the guilt of having left her daughter Jessica, in Pernambuco, in the north of Brazil, raised by relatives. As college entrance exams roll around, Jessica wants to come to Sao Paulo to take her college entrance exams too. When Jessica arrives, cohabitation is not easy. Everyone will be affected by the personality and candor of the girl and Val finds herself right in the middle of it.

Val, the main character, is just full of love for everyone around her but it takes her daughter coming to visit and messing with the careful equilibrium that has been maintained for Val to realize that the family she is employed with treat her very much like a maid and servant without actually taking the time to care about her as a human.

This daughter, however, is not perfect either. Jessica came with the misconceptions that her mother was rich or more well to do than a maid because of how Val acted whenever she visited Jessica. So she acted like she deserved everything and wouldn’t just let things slide which sometimes went to far as she had just arrived and should definitely have been more polite to begin with.

Something interesting I noticed was that this movie did not fall for the ordinary plot twists one might expect. I can think of at least 3 moments where I was cringing and waiting for a big thing to happen because it just seemed to be set up for it but they did not happen and I was pleasantly surprised! I liked that it didn’t need these big things to happen in order for you to still be drawn into the story. The characters and their interactions were enough and there didn’t have to be any misunderstandings or epic falls to keep you intrigued.

The plot was lovely and had a great conclusion that I’m not going to go into detail about as to not spoil it for you but it really told a beautiful story that centered around family and getting second chances.

Something totally unique to my experience watching this was actually seeing habits my own Brazilian mother had in Val! It was amazing to be able to have an experience that I could think of that played out like what was happening on screen! There was the fixating on one sentence I had said while she was angry and the little exclamations she said sometimes, it was just really neat.

So if you feel like taking a chance on this foreign film, chances are you’ll be glad you did!

Home: The Movie

Based on my absolute favourite book: The True Meaning of Smekday

This is going to be a review of the adaptation of one of my favourite books of all time. I still haven’t made an actual review of it to link to you guys but one day it will arrive. Although I sincerely think the contents of it would be something along the lines of: “read these 17 quotes, aren’t they hilarious, oh here’s some context refer to the glossary for all the words that don’t make sense now look at this picture hahaha remember when oh yeah you might not have read it why are you reading this when you could read that dude go do it now trust this internet stranger”

Truly feeling like a hipster when I first read the book when it came out 8 years ago (le gasp I’m old) and finally the movie adaptation was released in 2015 with most people who see it never knowing that there was a book first and the book was better.

Yep, I went ahead and said it. The book was truly magnificent with a blend of random and deep and the movie chose a few of the lessons learned in the book, made the painfully obvious and then dumbed everything else down to kid level. Which I respect I guess, movies are a different form of entertainment than books and when you put that much effort into animating this world, it’s got to be something the masses and target audience will enjoy.

If I had seen the movie never knowing about the book’s existence, I still would have loved it though, the book is not the only thing that’s making me give Home an overall great review. I mean, I could spend the whole time griping about how they missed their chance of including teleportation, asphyxiation and just-add-water-sheep-lookalikes but I think I’ll pass.


Right away, Oh was a little over the top but it makes the plot by setting him aside as an outcast and making his transformation in the end more obvious. I bet the kids adored him and his silly antics even though I was more entertained with how they kept the stilted speech of the Boov similar to the style of the book than his ridiculous antics.

Side note: I was lie-on-the-floor devastated when I found out that they had changed his name from J.Lo to Oh because that takes away from the insane charm of the book. However, I was dance-with-strangers-on-the-street happy that they managed to cast the actual J.Lo as Tip’s mother.

Captain Smek was a character that I did not care for in the least. He was even more comic relief than Oh was and it was pretty much just annoying. The gelatinous and colourful body properties of the Boov were unnecessary in my opinion but I guess got a kick out of it. I need to keep reminding myself that this movie is in fact not aimed towards 20 year old girls.

Rihanna was perfect as Tip and Tip was the character that best translated from page to screen. They kept the fact that she was scared and needed her mother and was willing to do whatever it took to get there. She was strong and vulnerable and basically amazing.

The final main character was Kyle the traffic Boov and while he may seem like just some random guy that they added I basically died when I heard that he was actually going to be important.  In the book, J.Lo pretends that he knows a traffic Boov and calls her Kyle and it’s just a random not-really-that-important interaction so I love how big a role he ended up getting.


The plot was so basic compared to that of the book but it had enough twists and funny moments to keep me entertained.

One of my actual favourite scenes was one they took straight from the book, direct quotes and everything‼ It happened in the mopo (although I forget if it was an actual mopo in the movie) slash convenience store where Oh and Tip first meet. All of that coming into the out and mimom and shoot forth lasers from my eyeballs and exploding heads being impolite was from the book and it made me so happy! If you are near me when that happens, I not only quote the entire thing along with them but I also fill in the rest with every fact from the book that you really didn’t want to know and are busy just wishing I would be quiet.

But who wouldn’t want to know that Gratuity found something called Tub! That came with its own spoon?????

In the novel, Slushious takes them across the United States but I found traveling across the pacific and around the world made the adventure even more exciting! There was just enough panic with the invitation bringing their enemies down upon them to keep you on the edge of your seat and all the Boov technology was really well done!

Some more subtle nods to the book I had forgotten about until now are the orange peels that Captain Smek was wearing as that ended up being all the rage to the Boov in Florida as well as Oh eating the urinal cakes in the bathroom.

Finally, the ending was really well done. The friendship and family tie-ins were very strong and real and pulled at all the right emotions. At this point we had strayed so far from the book plot that I could simply appreciate that finale for all it was.


At the end of the day, Home is an amazing movie with an amazing soundtrack featuring the first black animated protagonist which is pretty nifty and great. It’s cute enough for both kids and adults to enjoy and will hopefully expose people to the book it originated from so that they can experience true happiness.

Other things they missed out on in the movie:

  • Bubble writing
  • 7 magnificent genders
  • An alien hiding in plain sight in Roswell
  • Two separate organizations called BOOB
  • And of course, 4 pages full of the word ‘meow’
not pictured: me dying from this scene being in the actual movie

Holding My Cat’s Paw: A Saga

I love my cats.

I love them so much and it’s common knowledge that cats are very selective with when they’re going to show you some affection back which, for some people, is off-putting, but it just makes me even more excited when it happens.

One thing I know my cats aren’t into is letting you touch/hold/pet their paws but of course I like to see what I can get away with.

Today, my cat Oreo was in a super cuddly and purring mood (she’s chilling beside me completely relaxed and blissful) and we got the hand-holding going on. Of course, I had to record it for posterity so here you go:

she’s pretending she doesn’t notice while I’m in the corner elated
she’s happy too, I promise
the cutest lil eye contact that ever could be
can she get any more adorable

Changing In Relationships

This is going to be a rambly post with no real conclusion. I’ve just got some thinking to do and this type of platform will actually get me feedback other than my own thoughts bouncing around my skull.

So relationships man. I have a boyfriend and have had him for over 4 months and he’s great and I think this is the first time I’ve mentioned him? He’s my cool heartssecond boyfriend but the first was in grade 11 so in retrospect I don’t think it counted as much. Not that I’m saying at 19 I am old and worldly and totally ready for romance and everything that comes with it. I’m just trying things out, I have no clue what I’m doing to be honest.

Something that’s been on my mind a lot though is changing, or not changing, for said significant other. Specifically, what is the proper protocol? I’ve always heard staying true to yourself is the way to go and that if he really loves you he’ll love all your flaws and quirks and I think that’s adorable and great. It’s the dream! Having someone who  thinks everything you do is perfect even though it’s really not.

But on the flip side there’s the notion that for a relationship to work you always have to compromise and put the other person first. That it’s about two people now and not just one. Which is a pretty key point if both parties are going to be happy being around each other. It’s definitely impossible to find someone who  shares every single interest and opinion with you so things are inevitably going to clash.

Having these two opposing points that are both valid in my opinion, what’s a girl to do? (Or anyone actually, I just like the fact that that’s already a saying.) Having mulled it over before spilling my thoughts onto my keyboard, I feel like it’s a matter of time??? Perhaps the first point, not changing too much for somebody else is really important at the beginning, when you’re first dating and figuring out that you like each other because you want to fall for the actual person, not the image they’re projecting in efforts to make themselves look more appealing. And making sure you are still a human being that can function independently of your partner is important too.

So the question is, at what point is it okay to make the transition? How far into a relationship? Is it just a thing for when you’re married? Or you live together and things like who gets what side and which way the toilet paper should face have to be decided on? Maybe I’m looking at it all wrong and these two things coexist the entire time?

If anyone has some light to shed on the situation, that would be particularly helpful because I am a cautious person that never jumps into anything without having her facts straight and since this isn’t so easily google-able, other people’s experience and wisdom will do just fine.

Also his name is Alex and he’s very cute.

Boy Next Door

My friend is living the dream. (and I as well, through her)

It all started when her mom went to the open house of a house on her street. (Side note what is it with moms and wanting to know what the other homes in our neighbourhood look like? Seriously it comes to the point where going through their pictures on property websites becomes too strange)

She’s a person that is able to get information from anyone no matter how much of a stranger she is to you, in this case just meeting at a random open house, and got some great information while snooping around to bring to her daughter:

There was a family looking to buy that house that had a 19 year old son; same age as we are. If this isn’t amazing news I don’t know what it. (there is a lot of news better than this but in this moment that’s all we were thinking)

So basically she gets a – hopefully cute – boy next door to fall in love with, the usual.

//nevermind that she hasn’t even seen him yet but that’s irrelevant//

Cat Love

Anyone with a cat will completely relate to this:

Whenever your cat shows interest in you or gives you any attention or actually is affectionate towards you, it is the biggest deal.

Cats do their own thing, y’know. You can’t really force them to like you and, unless you have trimethylaminuria (a disorder that makes you smell like fish), it may take a while for them to warm up to you.

So you’re both doing your own thing, both living in the same space, sometimes in the same room sometimes don’t see each other for hours; basically just coexisting. And it’s relaxing, don’t get me wrong. To be around another warm body but not have to give them any of your attention is quite awesome BUT if your cat willingly comes up to you and starts purring and/or rubbing against you and/or wants to sit right by you, you just get this feeling inside of you that feels really good.

(yes I just said “feeling that feels really good”. The only English I took in uni was technical report writing so deal with it.)

I guess it’s special because it doesn’t happen very often and you seem to have gained your cat’s respect in some way, shape or form so anyway, yeah, it’s phenom.

Oddly Specific Book Recs (OSBR #1)

In case you didn’t know, I read a lot.

I love to read and I love discussing books with people that also love to read. It’s one of the few conversation topics I can actually go on about for a really long time.

Another thing I like is connecting said other person with a book that I think they’d really enjoy. I might have just read something and just want every single person on the planet to also read it (aka that time I read Blood Red Road by Moira Young. If you haven’t GO! Go NOW!) but other times, if I know the person well enough, then it’s really fun for me to rack my brain for the actual perfect book for them. The one that just matches up with so many of their interests. Like a book soul mate.

Thus this series on my blog is born. It won’t be a regular thing like my Reasons to Smile, Masterposts or Beautiful Boys but whenever I stumble onto a perfect pairing of human and page, then I won’t hesitate to talk about it.

cinder - marissa meyerThe book is Cinder by Marissa Meyer and the person is my friend in Biomed Mechanical Engineering.

The number one similarity is that she’s really interested in prosthetics for different parts of the human body like heart valves or hip replacements and anything of that sort and Cinder, the main character, is a cyborg. That is the literal same thing, just a lot more advanced. Of course, the science behind Cinder’s superhuman body is fictional but it is backed by research done by the author on potential things that humans could someday achieve.

Then there’s that tiny connection that she’s in a type of mechanical engineering and Cinder is a mechanic.

And finally, my friend is a really rational, cuts straight to the chase, no nonsense person so if the romance in a book was the central theme with all the pining and overthinking she’d probably have a fit. In Cinder, of course there’s some romance, it is after all in the YA genre and a retelling of Cinderella, but it’s definitely not the most important aspect. There’s the whole equality issue and stopping someone evil from taking over the world business to take care of as well.

The verdict is actually in: she loved it! I lent her my copy yesterday and she was asking for the second book in the series today. I am a miracle worker. Just kidding, loved the fact that she loved it, dreading to tell her the news that the series isn’t finished yet so she’ll have to wait a while after finishing Cress to read the last book.

February Masterpost


Perfect Ruin – Lauren Destefano

The last book I read from her was the final book in her Chemical Garden series, Sever. Can’t say I super loved it at all, the premise was a little weird but I did read to the end of the trilogy instead of dropping it so there was something. All that to say that even though I did like Perfect Ruin, I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t expect too much from it or because it was genuinely good. But anyway it was an interesting premise with a couple really complex characters and I’m interested in seeing what happens next! I would also love for the science of some things to be explained a teeny bit more…

Champion – Marie Lu

Book three in the Legend trilogy aka I was super pumped for it to finally come out!! Let me just put it out there that the cover art was phenomenal. It just looks so hardcore and kind of somehow perfectly depicts the mood of the book. The actual book was quite good, it moved pretty quickly and had me wanted to read it at all times which sucked because school. It was very nicely woven together, just a tad too political to become one of my favourite books. I was definitely in shock after it ended; I needed to just sit and let it sink in for a while. It was a very satisfactory conclusion to an amazing series!


Stuck In Love – I decided to just watch this movie on a whim because I’d seen so many gifs of it on tumblr and when would I ever not want more Logan Lerman in my life? It was super cute and totally underrated! It sorta chugged along and kept me interested the whole time with the lives of this odd writer family. Definitely worth a rewatch! The only thing was that it was slightly weird to watch Clary Fray (Lily Collins) fall in love with Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) and then Isaac from TFiOS (Nat Wolff) was her brother just chillin there.

But you will literally not believe what happened afterwards. I have a friend that pretty much has the exact same taste in books and movies as me so I went to text her that this was a super great movie and that she needed to watch it in the near future so that we could discuss in it detail and she was already in the middle of watching it. Yes. Like what the heck we did not plan it, I didn’t even know if she knew that movie existed and then the same night at the same time like no how is that possible. We freaked out of course.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 – This was a fun movie that I watched with my whole family. Wasn’t expecting much from it except good animation but it proved to actually be something. The main message was to not get full of yourself and that friends are there for a reason and the plot twists were pretty much obvious yada yada but other than that there were some gem scenes hidden in there. The entire movie was absolutely filled to the brim with puns from your taco-diles to shrimp-anzees to toast-quitos to susheeps to you get the picture. The small child in me was delighted anytime a pun was made which was every second sentence pretty much. Shoutout to Flint Lockwood’s dad and his newfound pickle family, that was just the cherry on top.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World – This movie as well came from seeing way too many gifs of it on tumblr and finally caving and watching it. Gotta say, having never read the comics, it really took me by surprise. I usually only watch intensely mainstream movies so all these special effects and weird cinematic things were a new experience for me. (Except when I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox and let’s not go there because why would they do that to my favourite Roald Dahl book??) It took a bit of time to get used to but it was pretty neat having more than just the acting to look at. Not that the acting wasn’t great, Michael Cera I don’t even understand how you’re a movie star you’re so awkward but it just works and I was rooting for Scott the whole time. The one who stole the show though was Wallace. Just like he stole Scott’s sister’s boyfriend in that one part. He was literally hilarious! Loved the movie minus Ramona Flowers pretty much. Like what did she even do to be cool enough to fight over? Her hair isn’t normal? Like is there anything else? So that was a little frustrating but yeah.

No Strings Attached – I have to admit, the only reason I watched this was because of Ashton Kutcher. I just felt like seeing him for an hour and a half. The movie also did sound interesting in theory but it fell short of my expectations. Sure, there were some very adorable moments and lovely montages but it was just meh in general.

Killers – This one was watched in the same night at the last one after perusing Ashton’s imdb page for a bit. Not my kind of movie at all but it did get me hooked. I’m assuming the point was to be over the top and outrageous because that was what was accomplished. Also Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher most beautiful on screen couple ever, yes?


The Draw – Bastille

Natural Disaster – Pentatonix

Love Again – Pentatonix

Camilo (The Magician) – Said The Whale

Fake Your Death – My Chemical Romance

We Are Golden – MIKA

A Million Ways – OK Go

Here It Goes Again – OK Go

Happy – Pharrell Williams

Just Give Me A Reason – Pink

Say Something – A Great Big World



Valentine’s Day Cards!

Before you ask, no, I don’t have anyone to give them to.

I made some generic Valentine’s day cards because, let’s face it, v-day is just amazing for any budding punster and even if you’ll be spending the day in a physics lecture and then having a bake-off/movie night with friends you can still indulge in that fact.

There are a million and three other other wonderful and amazing ideas floating around the internet and I’m sure you can go find them by yourselves so I’m not doing a masterlist of my favourites but I will show you some cards that I made with my one two hands!!

chemistry-front chemistry-inside







There’s this set that proves what a huge nerd I am. It’s probably too small to see but the elements all have their corresponding atomic numbers… Also, I’ve been told that this card style looks a lot like the xkcd comics. If so that is an AMAZING honour!!








I don’t know if anyone will get the reference anymore but this was how Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory asked out Amy Farrah Fowler and I thought it was too cute not to copy.








Yes, I know this idea has been done countless times but I can draw whales pretty well so who are you to deny me that opportunity!! Ps, the correct answer is “dolphinately”

I want to hear from you guys! What’s your best Valentine’s Day pun? Have any exciting plans for today?