Past me was a total gem.

Today I decided that 50 blog post drafts was a little too much so I went through them to delete posts I never got around to finishing which are now extremely outdated, steal ideas from my past self and just tidy things up in general.

A lot of them ended up being real quick jot notes from when I was in a rush and couldn’t whip out an entire blog post when the idea struck me. I felt the need to share this picture of a draft that makes absolutely no sense just for everyone to have a laugh.

confusing draft

Literally what did me from two years ago mean by that?? We will never know.

Chipped Nails


Here’s a dumb thing about me that you probably don’t have any interest in!!

I’m not the girliest girl, my style is whatever doesn’t smell and is blue, but I am into painting my nails! I love the creative freedom that comes with it cause you can literally do whatever you want. One time I only painted one hand.

Even though it’s a creative playground for everyone, there is one thing that is usually standard when there’s polish on your nails and that is to keep it from getting chipped or to take it off once the chipping is starting to really show. Some people keep to this rule very strictly which makes sense because it does look unprofessional and sloppy yet here is me, doing the exact opposite.

I explain my reasoning though.

Partly it’s because I’m too busy to repaint or remove the nail polish since I probably did it during a lull in my schedule and things picked up again.

Another aspect is that I secretly want people to think I care but not too much. Like I cared enough to put this splash of colour on my nails in an effort to look fashion forward and cool but that it does’t bother or affect me if it gets chipped. This is a really weird mindset, don’t worry I know.

Lastly, I like how it shows that I do stuff with my hands. There is enough wear that it shows up. I know they get chipped with basically anything like trying to open a ketchup bottle but I could also have been hardcore building a deck or something. Who knows! That’s the point! I just wanna give off that vibe.

So that was your look into the way I think, I feel like it’s strange but maybe some people relate to this? Anyone??

Pro Tip: Ice

Dying from the heat? Don’t have air conditioning? Have I got a life hack for you!

What I always did at camp and at home was go to the freezer, put all the ice cubes from a tray into a cup and enjoy! Literally just having the cup on hand and popping one into your mouth to suck on definitely brings down your core temperature a bit. It also is an alternative to snacking on other foods if that’s something you’re worried about because the ice does take a while to melt!

Something important to note is that you should not chew on the ice as that’s actually very bad for your teeth. It breaks them down and then later in life you will be sad.

Bonus pro tip: Set up a fan so that it blows air right over top of the ice cup/tray and you won’t just be blowing lukewarm air at yourself anymore!

Oddly Specific Questions

I want to know everything.

And that includes everything about a certain person. Doesn’t matter if you’re one of my besties or the friend of a friend that I’ve been left alone with until the mutual friend comes back and we’re just standing there awkwardly. I will always be interested in what you have to say about a vast amount of topics.

I satisfy this curiosity by having random questions on hand to spark these conversations. Some regulars include “What is your favourite tree?” and  “What is your ideal ugly sweater design?” and also “What store would you live in for a week?”.

I like when people really put thought into their answers and make it a personal thing instead of just giving me a look and shrugging some easy answer. It’s my way of getting to know who the person is through what kinds of things they think about. Like for the tree one, I legitimately have a top 3 so you know I like nature and lists for starters. Also people that clarify the questions even further gives me even more insight to who they are and how they think. For example, with my last question, someone who thinks more logically than impulsively might ask if they can bring anything while they’re living there or if it’s some weird type of camping where you have to survive off what’s there already.

It’s a really great way to simultaneously break the ice for what they’re getting into when being my friend/acquaintance since weird is my bread and butter while also fast tracking the learning about each other phase. I can find out what you’re doing in university later, let’s talk about which one you think is more gross: worms, snakes or spiders.

I know my answers and what it probably says about me and I’m always ready to give them if my conversational partner decides to bounce it back to me. (In this scenario: 1) Aspen, Willow, Birch, 2) Yellow, orange and purple with hot dogs and teabags and a pretentious quote and 3) IKEA)

If we get all psychoanalyze-y here, I’m pretty fairly certain that the reason my questions are so specific, as in they can usually be answer in one word or sentence, is because that’s the kind of question I like answer. The open ended ones are too broad and I never know what to say and I assume the other person doesn’t really care anyway so what’s the point. When I’m given specific questions, then I know exactly what is being asked of me and I know they want that information. It’s a win-win!

Also would you rather have a conversation about flying squirrels versus regular squirrels or about what you’re thinking of doing with your life once you graduate.

Top 10 Things To Do With A Onesie

This is going to be utter nonsense so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Onesies are an item of clothing that have become more and more popular in recent years due to their funny look and extreme comfort! But who says all you have to do is wear the thing?? This is so much more to be done with this Thneed-esque ensemble!

1. Wear it as pants with the sleeves tied around your waist. Okay, this isn’t the most out there things to be done and I’m betting a lot of you have already discovered the joy of fuzzy warmth covering your legs PLUS the feel of a lumberjack sweater wrapped around your middle. This way you can wear a tshirt on your top half instead of having long sleeves!

2. Wear it as per usual, but at a fancy event. This time, don’t change up the outfit, change up the scenery. You’ll probably get labelled as the quirky kid or at least get some strange looks but those are so fun to get when you really don’t care what others are actually thinking of you. If you want, you can do this for science and write down reactions and words people have about your situation.

3. Fill it with stuff because it would feel cool. Works even better if you have the footie variety. But if you have some random markers or fake flowers or whatever floats your boat, just dump it in the top and shake around until it makes its way to the bottom. Or whatever. Do what you want.

4. Put it on straight out of the dryer. It’s like a full body hug. Except without all the awkwardness of another human being. (Human being hugs are quite amazing though)

5. Pretend it’s a thneed and make up weird uses for it. Kind of already described it as such but you have to admit the resemblance is pretty close. SO why not wrap it around your head as some sort of sun hat or throw it across one shoulder in a sort of sash. There’s leg holes and arm holes that can be put on the wrong places. You could make a whole fashion event out of it and have people rate each other on creativity and style. Also, there’s the important part where you memorize and perform the song from The Lorax.


6. Eat lots of food and watch as the onesie hides it from everyone! Seriously, those things aren’t form-fitting at all so you can get your eating game on and enjoy that food baby while wearing this thing.

7. Get together with friends and climb a tall wall with them. Keep in mind that in this scenario you aren’t actually wearing the onesies. It just sounds like a cool adventure to grab some people and descend down or ascend up an obstacle by using what materials you have on hand (in the case, the 7 onesies y’all brought specifically to do this but that’s just a minor detail) and actually accomplish something that’s probably quite hard. Team building! Looking ridiculous in public! What’s not to like!

8. Use it as a body double. More on that later.

9. Use it for costumes. There’s probably a whole bunch of costumes that can come from adding a few frills to a onesie. You choose the colour and then anything goes! Tails, ears, pins sequins and more; the whole lot can be added with some easy sewing or hot gluing and voila!

10. Stand on a heater. The kind that blows hot air. If you can follow my train of thought, you’ll see this ending in head being blown directly up through your leg holes and just pillowing around you and keeping you the toastiest you’ve ever been. The best situation to remedy being up too early on a winter morning. Or eating ice cream even though the temperature is not optimal for eating ice cream. You do you.

So. There you have it. My top 10 things to do with a onesie. Nevermind that I thought of the title first then had to come up with 10 things to fill the list up with, I think it turned out pretty well. These could actually be quite tame compared to what some people are willing to do. So, in the comments, let me know if you’re a fan of any of these ideas or you’ve cooked up a few fantastic ones yourself.

Food Day

If you hang out with me and my best friend for max 3 days, you will at some point hear us discussing “Food Day”.

This was a tradition we made up last semester where once a week we each take turns picking a restaurant or food-selling location to go to and treat ourselves.


We’re engineering students, right, so our schedules are completely packed not to mention all the work and studying that needs to get done. Also we’re pretty conservative with our money and normally pack a lunch/supper so that we don’t have to buy food on campus. But at the beginning of each semester we sit down with our class schedules (which are pretty much identical luckily) and pick a time period where this outing will happen!

It’s a really great motivator because it isn’t something that happens at all except for that day and you get to look forward to it and use it as a reason to get things done. Like “if I don’t finish my lab in time I won’t be able to go to food day”

Also, during it we end up having actual girl talk conversations which really isn’t a normal occurrence. Normally we’re discussing which of our classes has the most heating vents or giggling about how we always race to get out of a certain door first but in this food experience boys actually get talked about and it’s weird but nice.

Our friends think we’re massive nerds because we count down to it and plan it way to much for what it is.

But who cares, it makes our week amazing and food and friendship is amazing.

Christmas Tradition: The Invisible Ornament

My family’s never been big on Christmas traditions, we only actually cooked the full turkey dinner for the first time this year, but we do have this one, slightly weird one that I’m going to tell you all about.

It’s pretty straight forward. We have a tree and we have our box of decorations – that contain your usual embarrassing childhood ones and your not-as-usual cat friendly ornaments hung along the bottom – but there’s this one in particular that pertains to the tradition. I have no clue when or how we got it but it’s basically a small bunch of fake pine needles on a string.

So we hang it and all the other decorations on the tree (embarrassing ones at the back) in mid-December and forget about everything until the time comes around for us to take it all down! We’re not supposed to be looking for it per say, just taking things off the tree and putting them away but it is an unwritten rule that whoever finds it wins that year.

It’s a lot of fun and surprisingly hard to find, I always enjoy it.

Your turn! Got any wacky Christmas traditions? The more unusual, the better!

Curious Collections

This, my dear friends, is a picture of my apple sticker collection. Yes, I really was that cool. “was” being the key word in that sentence. I have moved on since then. I just found this while cleaning my room. ((I also remember collecting broken coloured pencil leads and literally I had a box for people […]

Taking “Make Yourself Comfortable” To A Whole New Level

Pyjama style.

Let’s start from the very beginning. (a very good place to start. when you read you begin with abc when you sing you begin with do-re-mi….anyways) Today is Pi Day. The 14th day of the 3rd month of the year, making it 3.14!

The Christian group on campus that I’m part of had the brilliant idea of having a Pi-jama Party where we melded celebrating everything Pi – which included eating a wackton of pies and watching Life of Pi (yes we majorly milked it) – with making a blanket fort and wearing our pyjamas!

Part two of the explanation story is that last week, my economics prof cancelled our 7-10pm lecture (yay) and rescheduled it to 5-8pm on a Friday (boo)

So we come to the conclusion which is probably not as exciting as I hyped it up to be. We figured that since we had to go to the pyjama party right after the lecture and since economics is not the most fun of classes that we would spice it up by wearing our pyjamas to it! Got some weird looks but man were we comfy.