Wasting Time Efficiently

How come I’m not even good at that?

So there’s those people that get everything they need to do done so quickly and ahead of time that you question if they’re really human. Nothing compares to how organized and on top of things they stay and you would pay a lot of money to learn their ways. I feel like that is a phenomenon that you can find worldwide.

But what I’m talking about here is people that don’t necessarily get things done like planning meals in advance or doing their homework as soon as it’s assigned but they’re the ones that have seen absolutely everything social media has to offer that day and are up to date on all the popular tv shows. I am just so impressed when they spend a lazy afternoon on their bed with their laptop but they managed to watch 5 episodes of the mindy project, online shop a bit and listened to songs that came out that month.

I do a lot of lazing around the house but I am nowhere near as productive in my unproductivity. I’ll end up watching 17 youtube videos, going through a bit of tumblr and looking through the contents of my bedside drawer. Not exactly at the top of my to do list.

So if you’re either type of person that can be productive in some shape or form, hats off to you!

Coin Jewelry

The need I have for this is very intense.

I was scrolling through tumblr today and came across this picture where someone had carefully removed the heads from some american coins.

coincutoutI thought this was literally the coolest thing ever not only cause it makes me wonder how in the world they managed it (lasers?? a chainsaw? sheer willpower???) but it also looks so out of place and wonderful.

This also got me thinking down the path of how soon can I do this myself? What would I do with it? SO MANY POSSIBILITIES.

So legit this is on my bucket list I will one day manage to make cutouts in currency (except with Canadian money cause ours is so much cuter. I would have lil beavers and maple leaves and moose!!) and use them probably for jewelry like imagine just stringing one of these on a chain for a necklace or getting a bunch of them in a row for a bracelet.

Right now I’m actually supposed to be studying but my mind is going a mile a minute with how fun and creative it would be to play around with this idea.

Reverse Procrastination

While I was shirking my responsibilities, discovering new corners of the internet to get lost in, I had a novel idea.

I’m pretty sure everyone in the universe experiences the phenomenon where when you really need to get something done but there’s still enough of a window that you’re not in last minute panic mode it seems like absolutely everything else is way more interesting. I find that things are more relatable on tumblr, the click bait on facebook is much more enticing and my room is way too messy to continue this way. Every activity, be it learning how to lip read or discovering some new music, is ten times more exciting than the actual thing that you are obligated to do.

I know I myself have tried the method of inducing that last minute panic earlier than it actually would come by giving myself random deadlines but it’s so easy to pretend you didn’t see the clock turn 6pm or something.

So this brainwave that I had incorporates this concept and attempts to transform it into something useful for productivity rather than detracting from it.

If you rig it right, somehow, you need to trick yourself into thinking that the work you have to do is a distraction from your real distractions.

Confused? I would be too.

What I’m trying to get at is turning the tables on yourself. Open twitter and give yourself a deadline to write a fantastic and retweet worth blurb and pretend like you are not allowed to do anything until that happens. Then, in another tab, have the research on solar panels that you’ve been trying to do all afternoon just sitting there and see what happens.

Obviously I haven’t actually tried this and there is the obvious pitfall that you could open an entirely different tab with a quiz on what famous internet cat you are (is that a thing?? you never know… And there is!!) BUT it’s an idea is all I’m saying. And as someone that actually needs to be researching solar panels right now, I have written two blog posts in a row so at least I was slightly productive with this technique…

Try this and tell me your findings, fellow internet scientist/procrastinators, whichever you identify with most!

I couldn't resist
I couldn’t resist

Procrastination Tips

If you’ve followed me even for a short amount of time, you’ll know that I’m kind of an expert on procrastination.

So I’ve helpfully compiled a useful list of tips you can use to waste time more efficiently. These are tried and true, if you were worried about studying too much or getting everything done on your to do list too early, do not fret, this list has got you covered.

– Write a blog post.

– Check facebook. Check twitter. Check tumblr. Repeat.

– Discover a pointless app and obsess over beating it slash getting the high score.

– Go to the bathroom with your phone and don’t come out for a solid 2 hours.

– Cancel plans with people under the guise that you’re going to study and then don’t. It’ll  make you feel amazing!!!

– Learn a new language or instrument. (The more obscure, the better.)

– Take every buzzfeed quiz ever. (Yes it was necessary to learn what type of condiment you are. Wow, I just checked and this is actually a thing.)

benedict cumberbatch
I’m guilty of doing that with Benedict Cumberbatch…

– And while you’re at it watch every buzzfeed video!

– Pick an actor and then watch every movie they’re in, especially ones where it’s only for one scene and bonus points if they don’t talk!

– Show people your cat photo album. (The sad thing is I did that today actually.)

– Start cleaning your room but end in a pile of nostalgia. You know the drill.

– Go through all of your old tweets and make a compilation of your favourites. Then show your mom and see what she says.

– There’s origami tutorials, hair tutorials, make up tutorials and more, youtube is your enabler, go forth and learn.

– Play The Wikipedia Game!

– Get side tracked on Wikipedia and suddenly find yourself a master of horse racing 5 hours later.

– Make a list of lists you need to make and then make those lists in excruciating detail.

– Have a dance party.

– Discover the food in your fridge, don’t be afraid to get creative!

And there you go! Let me know in the comments if you have any amazing procrastination tips :)

//I’ve actually already made the polar opposite list with some study tips that could potentially help you so you can check those out right here.

Secret Weakness

It’s time you all knew.

Remember though that I’m still the same person I’ve always been. Just because you will now know this about me doesn’t mean there’s any reason to treat me differently or anything. I’m still me.

Okay here goes…

I can’t make playlists. I’ve tried before but I always end up failing. I see other people making summer playlists and songs to study to but I can’t seem to get the hang of it myself. Usually what ends up happening whenever I attempt to make one is that I just group together the songs I really want to listen to at the moment.

actual playlists from my actual itunes

I guess I can make primitive caveman playlists with catchy titles like These Songs Are All Slow or Wow They’re All From The Same Genre I Didn’t Even Make This My ITunes Did but does that really count? Really?

I’ve come to accept this shortcoming and either let other people deal with the music arrangements or listen to music the only way I know how and that is okay. We can’t all be super awesome at everything and I’ve found the one thing I can’t do.  (don’t hurt me being over the top cocky is how i deal with the series of disappointments that is my life)

Actually, after thinking about it, I would be ace at giving playlists titles. Like if they were already made and someone told me the theme or whatever brings them all together I could totally use my knowledge of words and humour to name them. Yeah.


I just found out that this was a thing.

I’m not the biggest on super hero movies for some reason (actually I know the reason and I may explain it to you later on) but this one really intrigued me! It could be the fact that her powers don’t seem that conventional, from what I can see from this trailer, or, as tumblr kindly pointed out and went nuts over, the fact that this is a super hero movie with a female lead. The sad thing is that this is unheard of and pretty groundbreaking. It shouldn’t be but equality’s gotta start somewhere.

The only thing that made me cringe and want to call the creators of this movie and just rant at them for a couple of hours is that they used the made-up fact that we only use 10% of our brain’s capacity. Like no, we use 100% of it and a quick internet search could’ve told you exactly that. Really embarrassing for them. And I’m not sure if the basis of the movie is that Lucy (Scarlet Johansson) is using more than 10% of her brain and that’s why she’s so super extra cool or if they just played it up more in the trailer than it actually shows up in the film. We’ll see.

Either way, I’m definitely going to be watching this when it comes out and I hope it gets a little more popular since it’s coming out this year and I’m not sure many people have heard of it!

No Tumblr

That’s what I’m doing right now.

I needed to free up my time for the end of the school year (can you believe there’s a little over three weeks left until exams??) because the projects and midterms were coming quickly. Tumblr obviously took up most of my time since catching up to where you left off is an actual nightmare when you follow even just 50 people.

It’s been about a week and I haven’t suffered from withdrawal too much; just feels a little empty. Like when I open the internet, I automatically check email, facebook, twitter and tumblr but now I have to stop myself on that last one. I’ve taken to checking xkcd even though that only updates 4 times a week. And anytime I feel tempted, I just remind myself about all the free time I’ll have once I’m done with school. (which is a lot.)

At the moment, I’m not even sure it’s helping me stop procrastinating just making me get creative about how I procrastinate but I’m sticking to my guns and doing it anyway!

We’ll see how I am by the end of it.

Oscars 2014

I’m not the biggest watcher of all these award shows.

I rarely know they’re happening until I start seeing gifs and commentary on tumblr. (No, I’m not always on tumblr. Just when I’m not sleeping, okay?) But this was the Oscars and they’re big enough that I did clue in on them. And with Ellen Desgeneres hosting and Benedict Cumberbatch in the audience there’s a high chance I would be incredibly sad if I missed it. Also my mom and sister have randomly become crazy award show buffs?? Like they watched the Grammy’s together and I don’t think my mom even likes any of that kind of music…

But a lot happened tonight so let us condense it in the best way possible: bullets.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio did not finally win his first Oscar as everyone on tumblr was holding their breath for. I expected this because Wolf on Wall Street isn’t a very deep movie and that’s a little bit of a requirement.
  • Was that too long of a bullet? I’ll stop explaining myself.
  • Lupita Nyong’o is the queen (and also won Best Supporting Actress)
  • Ellen literally ordered a pizza and brought the poor pizza guy in to feed the first few lucky rows
  • Ellen also took a selfie that was probably the greatest thing ever

  • All the musical performances were actually phenomenal (shoutout to Happy and Let It Go)
  • Frozen won some awards!!
  • Gravity won 7/10 awards it was nominated for
  • Croods didn’t win best animated even though, in my opinion, it should have probably because, well at least my theory is, it was released way earlier in the year and people forgot how awesome it was.
  • 12 Years A Slave won best picture
  • Lots of the winners had premade speeches on folded up pieces of paper and some were shaking and some literally jumped up and down and they were all adorable and it was so exciting watching them be happy about their wins
  • How To Train Your Dragon music was playing in one of the interludes

And that’s what I took from the show! What was your favourite part?

February Masterpost


Perfect Ruin – Lauren Destefano

The last book I read from her was the final book in her Chemical Garden series, Sever. Can’t say I super loved it at all, the premise was a little weird but I did read to the end of the trilogy instead of dropping it so there was something. All that to say that even though I did like Perfect Ruin, I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t expect too much from it or because it was genuinely good. But anyway it was an interesting premise with a couple really complex characters and I’m interested in seeing what happens next! I would also love for the science of some things to be explained a teeny bit more…

Champion – Marie Lu

Book three in the Legend trilogy aka I was super pumped for it to finally come out!! Let me just put it out there that the cover art was phenomenal. It just looks so hardcore and kind of somehow perfectly depicts the mood of the book. The actual book was quite good, it moved pretty quickly and had me wanted to read it at all times which sucked because school. It was very nicely woven together, just a tad too political to become one of my favourite books. I was definitely in shock after it ended; I needed to just sit and let it sink in for a while. It was a very satisfactory conclusion to an amazing series!


Stuck In Love – I decided to just watch this movie on a whim because I’d seen so many gifs of it on tumblr and when would I ever not want more Logan Lerman in my life? It was super cute and totally underrated! It sorta chugged along and kept me interested the whole time with the lives of this odd writer family. Definitely worth a rewatch! The only thing was that it was slightly weird to watch Clary Fray (Lily Collins) fall in love with Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) and then Isaac from TFiOS (Nat Wolff) was her brother just chillin there.

But you will literally not believe what happened afterwards. I have a friend that pretty much has the exact same taste in books and movies as me so I went to text her that this was a super great movie and that she needed to watch it in the near future so that we could discuss in it detail and she was already in the middle of watching it. Yes. Like what the heck we did not plan it, I didn’t even know if she knew that movie existed and then the same night at the same time like no how is that possible. We freaked out of course.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 – This was a fun movie that I watched with my whole family. Wasn’t expecting much from it except good animation but it proved to actually be something. The main message was to not get full of yourself and that friends are there for a reason and the plot twists were pretty much obvious yada yada but other than that there were some gem scenes hidden in there. The entire movie was absolutely filled to the brim with puns from your taco-diles to shrimp-anzees to toast-quitos to susheeps to you get the picture. The small child in me was delighted anytime a pun was made which was every second sentence pretty much. Shoutout to Flint Lockwood’s dad and his newfound pickle family, that was just the cherry on top.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World – This movie as well came from seeing way too many gifs of it on tumblr and finally caving and watching it. Gotta say, having never read the comics, it really took me by surprise. I usually only watch intensely mainstream movies so all these special effects and weird cinematic things were a new experience for me. (Except when I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox and let’s not go there because why would they do that to my favourite Roald Dahl book??) It took a bit of time to get used to but it was pretty neat having more than just the acting to look at. Not that the acting wasn’t great, Michael Cera I don’t even understand how you’re a movie star you’re so awkward but it just works and I was rooting for Scott the whole time. The one who stole the show though was Wallace. Just like he stole Scott’s sister’s boyfriend in that one part. He was literally hilarious! Loved the movie minus Ramona Flowers pretty much. Like what did she even do to be cool enough to fight over? Her hair isn’t normal? Like is there anything else? So that was a little frustrating but yeah.

No Strings Attached – I have to admit, the only reason I watched this was because of Ashton Kutcher. I just felt like seeing him for an hour and a half. The movie also did sound interesting in theory but it fell short of my expectations. Sure, there were some very adorable moments and lovely montages but it was just meh in general.

Killers – This one was watched in the same night at the last one after perusing Ashton’s imdb page for a bit. Not my kind of movie at all but it did get me hooked. I’m assuming the point was to be over the top and outrageous because that was what was accomplished. Also Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher most beautiful on screen couple ever, yes?


The Draw – Bastille

Natural Disaster – Pentatonix

Love Again – Pentatonix

Camilo (The Magician) – Said The Whale

Fake Your Death – My Chemical Romance

We Are Golden – MIKA

A Million Ways – OK Go

Here It Goes Again – OK Go

Happy – Pharrell Williams

Just Give Me A Reason – Pink

Say Something – A Great Big World