YOUR New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve made my resolutions, now it’s time for me to help you make yours!

These, of course, are suggestions that you can take or leave but if you’re looking for inspiration or confirmation, this is it.

  1. Find a type of exercise you actually love. Story time: my mother is one of those people that wanted to do something about her current fitness level and tried to sign up for gym memberships and even beginner volleyball classes but nothing stuck and all motivation would peter out quickly. Just 3 months ago, she signed up for some aquafit classes at the local YMCA because she heard it was good for your back and she’s been going around 3 times a week since then! She’s become one of those people that complains when she had to miss a class! So you CAN get fit or lose those pounds, you just need to find your method! The gym is not for everyone, it might be competition or environment that gives you a reason to keep coming back to it.
  2. Read one book per month. Reading is something that people feel like they don’t have time for but books are, in my opinion, a great part of life and important to expand your imagination. So by setting aside your commute to listen to audiobooks or before bed to read a chapter or two, it is definitely plausible to get through at least one book each moon cycle. Definitely try to get a diverse selection from fantasy to non-fiction because the world is huge and there’s no telling what you might learn.
  3. Invest in friendships. You have no idea how important this is. It’s so easy to let great people slip out of your lives or to not initiate getting to really know someone because you already have your family to talk to. Coffee dates are easy to plan, letter writing is not dead and potlucks are really fun. You don’t have to become a social butterfly but do hold on to the friends you have and make sure they know that they are important to you! That isn’t done enough in my opinion.
  4. Create. Totally open-ended, totally depends on what you enjoy and what you’d love to try. I believe we all have something inside of us that needs to create things whether it be an elegant computer code, your very first knitted scarf or a story. I’m sure there’s something that you’re passionate about and if you’re passionate about it you will totally be able to make the time for it in this coming year!

These are my tips to making your year a success (hopefully), let me know what you would have added to the list or what you’re taking from mine!

Sportsing All Day Long

My backpack today was about 25% school stuff, 75% sporting clothes and equipment.

As I type this, I am laying on my bed, finally not smelling horrible after a shower, sore on every part of my body with an ice pack on my knee. But man did I ever have a good time today!

There is a 4.5 hour break in our schedule on Tuesdays so my friend and I decided to organize a sports day where we all play football or whatever is the popular vote in a nearby field to pass the time! We did this a couple times last year, getting about 6 people at most but still having a really good time. What changed for this go at it was that we created a facebook group and had no shame at all in inviting everything we knew that would be vaguely interested or had free time and the number of people that showed up was 12!

It was really exciting okay she and I were so happy!

So that happened for around an hour and I’m not even sure who won but touchdowns happened and there were some runs and great catches and everyone got to participate with snapping the ball and being the quarterback if they wanted, totally low-key.

But this is not the end of my day of sports.

It just so happened that we scheduled our first football day right before my first quidditch tryout of the season meaning that a half hour later, I had helped carry some hoops to a different field and was replacing my bright blue running shoes with my bright blue cleats. (Gotta keep some things constant)

The tryout was a lot of introductory stuff for the people that were completely new to the sport with simple drills for them to get used to the broom between their legs and what to do with each particular ball. And new people there were! It was exciting to see how many new faces showed up that were genuinely excited to try out the sport. I tried to talk to a bunch of them to make them feel welcomed because I remember being super nervous at my first tryout.

The whole thing lasted a total of 4 hours for me as there was an introductory hour where some veterans helped new people get the feel of quidditch without being stressed about making a good impression and then an additional 3 of actually trying out. We only did a total of 5 types of drills plus some scrimmages at the end but because of the heat and the constant running I was genuinely exhausted and basically collapsed in bed when I got home.

It was all worth it though, I love being active and I’m definitely going to feel today in my muscles tomorrow but at least it means I did something!

Reasons to Smile #7

Genuine smiles

Being able to quote a movie while watching it

Eating ice

Starting a new notebook

Beating a personal best in something fitness related

Knowing exactly where you left something (and it actually being there)

When the wind doesn’t blow your hair in your face

Being as comfortable in your friend’s house as your own

Seeing a deer in the wild

Shredding paper

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


Is it weird to like the feeling of being sore after doing exercise?

I guess it’s not really the actual feeling of being incapable of walking normally that I’m into, it’s the reason behind it. The fact that I worked my body hard enough that I can feel the burn even after I’ve stopped doing said intense thing.

The reason I’m thinking about this right now is because I played in a charity dodgeball tournament this weekend (we were horrible) and I literally can’t walk up the stairs without gripping the railing with my dear life. It was a grueling three hours!! Apparently I was unofficially named MVP of my team even though during one game I somehow managed to hit someone on my own team. Perks of playing with guys who don’t know you’re slightly athletic: any ability you show shocks them!

What are your thoughts on this topic?

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪

I have always been a fan of favourites. I like lists and sorting and numbers so this is no surprise. And since this is a relatively new blog, I might as well further introduce myself through the method of a Favourite Things List.

  • Colour: Blue
  • Season: Spring
  • Song: Currently it’s October by Broken Bells and Hurricane by Panic! at the Disco but this is subject to change
  • Subject: In high school it was physics or calculus, now it’s mechanics
  • Sport: Football (but only when I’m playing it and when it’s touch)
  • Cookie: Oatmeal chocolate chip
  • Book: This is like choosing a favourite child! Graceling by Kristin Cashore and The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex
  • Day of the Week: Thursday, hands down
  • Number: 11
  • Saying: “The grass is greener where you water it”
  • Name: Tobias
  • Hair colour: Black
  • Eye colour: Grey
  • Fruit: Grapes
  • TV show: Grey’s Anatomy or How I Met Your Mother or Sherlock
  • Element: Einsteinium and Potassium but only because its symbol is K
  • Month: May
  • Food: Any form of potatoes but mashed especially
  • Animal: Fox
  • Dog: Collie
  • Letter: K
  • Movie: How To Train Your Dragon
  • Tree: Aspen

There you have it. That’s essentially me in list form. Anything you could possibly ever want to know. Unless there’s more. If so, just comment with it below and I can make a part two! Also in the comments, why not pick a few of these topics and tell me your own favourites.