Nostalgia and a Half

It’s perfectly normal to play cereal box CD roms at the age of 20, right?

cdrom cerealI don’t know what’s gotten into me lately but I’ve been having a craving for games that you used to get for free when you bought a specific box of cereal. It’s probably something that a specific age group remembers as they definitely don’t have this concept anymore so most of you might be like “what the heck are you talking about?”

I do know that if you mention Freddi Fish, Roller Coaster Tycoon or Pyjama Sam to anyone in my age group, their eyes will immediately light up and tell you how awesome they were and how much fun they had playing them. I played them so many times that I had games memorized and could solve every single combination of scenarios within 5 minutes.

But as we grew up, cereal boxes moved on to the next thing and computers stopped being able to run these old games and they just sat in forgotten boxes in homes everywhere. Not that we minded, we were probably busy with Tamagotchis or Webkinz or whatever trend was happening at that moment.freddi fish

And now, at 20 years of age, I actually put in the effort to research if there’s any way that I can satisfy the urge to help Freddi Fish solve her mystery (yep, she was a girl!) and was overjoyed to discover that they can all be bought on Steam!

So now embarrassingly enough, I have an account for something a lot of people use for intense and hardcore video games just so that I can play games created for 10 year olds. It’s really fun explaining that one.

But I’m happy as a clam, I just spent the last 2 hours completely owning at Roller Coaster Tycoon and couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday night.


YOUR New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve made my resolutions, now it’s time for me to help you make yours!

These, of course, are suggestions that you can take or leave but if you’re looking for inspiration or confirmation, this is it.

  1. Find a type of exercise you actually love. Story time: my mother is one of those people that wanted to do something about her current fitness level and tried to sign up for gym memberships and even beginner volleyball classes but nothing stuck and all motivation would peter out quickly. Just 3 months ago, she signed up for some aquafit classes at the local YMCA because she heard it was good for your back and she’s been going around 3 times a week since then! She’s become one of those people that complains when she had to miss a class! So you CAN get fit or lose those pounds, you just need to find your method! The gym is not for everyone, it might be competition or environment that gives you a reason to keep coming back to it.
  2. Read one book per month. Reading is something that people feel like they don’t have time for but books are, in my opinion, a great part of life and important to expand your imagination. So by setting aside your commute to listen to audiobooks or before bed to read a chapter or two, it is definitely plausible to get through at least one book each moon cycle. Definitely try to get a diverse selection from fantasy to non-fiction because the world is huge and there’s no telling what you might learn.
  3. Invest in friendships. You have no idea how important this is. It’s so easy to let great people slip out of your lives or to not initiate getting to really know someone because you already have your family to talk to. Coffee dates are easy to plan, letter writing is not dead and potlucks are really fun. You don’t have to become a social butterfly but do hold on to the friends you have and make sure they know that they are important to you! That isn’t done enough in my opinion.
  4. Create. Totally open-ended, totally depends on what you enjoy and what you’d love to try. I believe we all have something inside of us that needs to create things whether it be an elegant computer code, your very first knitted scarf or a story. I’m sure there’s something that you’re passionate about and if you’re passionate about it you will totally be able to make the time for it in this coming year!

These are my tips to making your year a success (hopefully), let me know what you would have added to the list or what you’re taking from mine!