Chipped Nails


Here’s a dumb thing about me that you probably don’t have any interest in!!

I’m not the girliest girl, my style is whatever doesn’t smell and is blue, but I am into painting my nails! I love the creative freedom that comes with it cause you can literally do whatever you want. One time I only painted one hand.

Even though it’s a creative playground for everyone, there is one thing that is usually standard when there’s polish on your nails and that is to keep it from getting chipped or to take it off once the chipping is starting to really show. Some people keep to this rule very strictly which makes sense because it does look unprofessional and sloppy yet here is me, doing the exact opposite.

I explain my reasoning though.

Partly it’s because I’m too busy to repaint or remove the nail polish since I probably did it during a lull in my schedule and things picked up again.

Another aspect is that I secretly want people to think I care but not too much. Like I cared enough to put this splash of colour on my nails in an effort to look fashion forward and cool but that it does’t bother or affect me if it gets chipped. This is a really weird mindset, don’t worry I know.

Lastly, I like how it shows that I do stuff with my hands. There is enough wear that it shows up. I know they get chipped with basically anything like trying to open a ketchup bottle but I could also have been hardcore building a deck or something. Who knows! That’s the point! I just wanna give off that vibe.

So that was your look into the way I think, I feel like it’s strange but maybe some people relate to this? Anyone??


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