The Stresses of Being Early

This may be a plausible reason to explain perpetual lateness.

This idea stemmed from a conversation my friend and I had concerning arrival times to an event we were both going to.

See, we both had this intense dislike of being the first one there. There are so many things that stressed us out about the concept of there not being anyone there before us. This includes

  • Stressing out about it being the wrong location
  • Double and triple checking that you got the time right (Man, I’ve gotten somewhere an hour early by accident and it sucked so this is a thing)
  • Worrying that information was passed around about a change in plans but it didn’t get to you
  • Secretly wondering if everyone just decided to ditch you
  • That people are already there and are just in a different place and can’t see you and you’re the one that’s late
  • The people around you are wondering why you’re all alone and why you look so awkward
  • That you might kill your phone battery because you need something to do to not look out of place

Let me know in the comments if you are a late person and this actually makes sense to you or, if you’re an early person, what motivations overpower these worries to make you early!


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