First Day of Third Year

And I’m already ready for it to be over.

I mean, it wasn’t a bad day, it was just very long and full of people. This is going to pretty much be a journal entry where I document today for history to remember forever so sorry in advance if you don’t feel like reading this sort of thing.

I only had to get to school for 10am today (!!!!) because we don’t need to have tutorial sessions until we’ve had our first actual class so that was really nice this morning I had time to prepare. I packed an actual nice lunch which is not something I normally spend time doing it’s usually 3 things thrown into my bag with maybe an ice pack sometimes. I had started colouring my notebook which I’m still working on so I shoved my pack of crayons into the backpack along with a book and agenda.


Then the bus was 15 minutes late which was fun but I had planned for this sort of thing and therefore was early enough to sit outside of class with friends and semi catch up with each other which is code for complaining about our coop work terms together. One of my friends is Indian and had some fun times with accidentally racist old white males. There were a million and two freshmen everywhere and it was so adorable seeing them look bewildered cause I definitely remember that being me! It was just a tiny but daunting to see so many people at once walking around campus cause I really am not accustomed to that anymore.

I’m trying out a new thing where I take amazing notes and pay immense attention to the teacher but as soon as I was in a classroom again I just fell back into my old habits! It’s really hard to change this kind of thing! I mean, I’m not a horrible student, I write a lot more things down than other people but I tend to look at my phone a lot while listening in the background or commenting on stuff with friends and just getting way off track. I hope I get better or at least commit to the second goal I have which is to rewrite all my notes after each class in a really organized way because then I’ll actually have time to arrange it in a way that makes sense to me with colours and highlights and the works!

My fluid dynamics professor bless his heart wore a bow tie that made me think of Bill Nye the Science Guy right away. He seemed really awesome! He also said he was going to do a lot of demonstrations throughout the semester which is one of my favourite things my physics teacher in high school always had something interactive at the beginning of class and it really helped! Unfortunately, there were a few mess ups and faulty equipment that ended up with A LOT of water on the floor so hopefully the rest go more in his favour.

This class ended at 1 and some of my friends did not have any class at all until 7 later on in the day but I at least had a lab (and a tutorial in the future) to break up that break. See, I was excited but I definitely thought too soon. This lab wasn’t actually a real lab, more of a tutorial session where we all logged into a computer and opened up a computer program called MATLAB (which, fun fact, is an amalgamation of “matrix laboratory” and that is probably the most interesting thing I learned) so that we could learn the ropes. Except that we learned the super basics of what it can do mathematically along with some functions to maneuver around the program then jumped straight to the extremely complicated graphing of tf functions which I would tell you what “tf” meant except that the TA was very quiet and just kind of talked to himself up there while we scrambled along behind him :( So not the most fun. To clear the workspace, you press clc.

We got out of the class and rejoined the rest of the crew where they were working on their reports for coop. I was proudly telling everyone that I had in fact finished that completely. I’m normally behind everyone so the looks of shock I got were priceless!! I had figured out a super easy way to format my table of contents and this friend isn’t the best at formatting stuff on Word because she gets too frustrated instead of just trying to figure it out so I did that for her while she took a break from editing her report. It’s funny cause they had a lot more diagrams than I did but my report was a couple pages longer so I had more to say???? I’m a really concise writer usually (says the person currently on her 824th word in a blog post) so I found that strange but we chalked it up to me having projects that were very unique from each other while they tended to repeat the same sort of thing the entire summer.

There was a good 2 hours where our other friend entertained us with magic tricks and tales from when he lived in res and man were they out there. Buying a live lobster while drunk, making a balloon pit to jump around and even sunbathing in the snow. He’s crazy but in a good way!

Finally, enough time had passed that we could go and sit through a 3 hours lecture on Dynamics of Machinery……. The prof was pretty funny although he sort of jumped all over the place when he tried to introduce all of the course today. He was nice enough to let us out around 2 hours in but it was still long enough that my friend and I (I really need to start making up code names for them or something..) were starting to act a little crazy. I was doing some colouring and I misspelled “dynamics” by writing an i instead of a y while she couldn’t add up some super simple percentages so we were pretty far gone on the tiredness scale.

Overall, I just have to get over my resignation of straight up doing hard work to get good results and I did have a good time talking to all my friends and people that I’m sort of friends with but mostly just recognize from being in all the same classes!

I’m tired, better rest up for my one class tomorrow.


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