Pro Tip: Ice

Dying from the heat? Don’t have air conditioning? Have I got a life hack for you!

What I always did at camp and at home was go to the freezer, put all the ice cubes from a tray into a cup and enjoy! Literally just having the cup on hand and popping one into your mouth to suck on definitely brings down your core temperature a bit. It also is an alternative to snacking on other foods if that’s something you’re worried about because the ice does take a while to melt!

Something important to note is that you should not chew on the ice as that’s actually very bad for your teeth. It breaks them down and then later in life you will be sad.

Bonus pro tip: Set up a fan so that it blows air right over top of the ice cup/tray and you won’t just be blowing lukewarm air at yourself anymore!

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