DIY Easy Upcycled Pen/Pencil Holder

Or, Karen tries to stuff as many google-able words into the title as possible!image

If you’re looking for something quick and easy to give your desk space a fresh feeling while simultaneously using something that would have otherwise been recycled or thrown out, here’s an idea for you!

– Coloured tape (ex. washi tape, duct tape)
– Plastic container (ex. packaging from anything cylindrical, icing containers are great!)
– Your creativity (just picture me saying that as cheesily as possible please and thank you)


I barely even need to explain the rest of this craft project because it’s pretty self-explanatory from the pictures above. Use the tape to create a design on your container, abstract or realism, until you’re happy with the result and then fill it with your writing utensils and plop it on your desk for easy access.

A few things I’d suggest:

  • Wash the insides and outsides of the container before starting to ensure that there’s nothing gross or dusty previously in it and to make it easier for the tape to stick to it
  • Use as much or as little tape as you’d like! I left gaps because my container is clear but you can fill the whole thing with tape and I bet it’d also look awesome
  • The potential patterns you can create are endless, there are stripes and zigzags and polka dots and herringbone and lots more to play around with
  • Go further with your design with stickers and jewels and paper cutouts!

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