Pro Tip: Whom

Here’s the how-to on when and where to use the word “whom”.

Turns out it’s not just thrown into a sentence to make oneself sound fancy! The rule I use that consistently works is to answer the question about the subject of the sentence.

If the answer is he, use who.

If it’s him, use whom.

Simple as that!

Here are some examples:

Who/whom are you going to do cartwheels with? I am going to do cartwheels with him. Therefore it’s whom!

Who/whom is going to weigh the cat tonight? He is going to weigh the cat tonight. So you get to use who!

But here’s the real secret for these two tricky words…Literally no one uses whom, you get the message across just fine if you use who for everything and it’s much easier than trying to figure out the difference? Maybe if you want to be annoying you can correct people on their usage of the word or there’s always the classic trying-to-sound-fancy-and-better-than-thou-so-I’ll-use-words-like-thou-and-whom.

But it is kind of fun actually knowing the difference, isn’t it?

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