A Day In My Mind At The Office

I’m still getting used to dressing for an office.

I check the weather this morning and it’s going to the be in the mid-twenties for the majority of the day so I restrain the urge to walk out in shorts and flip flips and instead throw on black pants and a nice top. It’s cold in the morning but I’m used to that since carrying sweaters is for the weak and people who are okay with carrying things they might not use. In the office, the sun is beating in through the window but it’s too cold on my arms.

Brief pause at 10:30am where I remember an actual piece of weight loss advice was to shiver off the pounds and I wonder if you have to actually be shivering or if it only has to get to the goosebump stage.

And on the commute home I’m going to hate the black pants I’m wearing and hope my sweaty face is only noticeable from close range. I wonder if I’ll be any better at dressing myself for my winter coop term. Stay tuned.

I did not accomplish much today actually, yesterday was probably the high point of the week already when I created a diagram of a chilled beam (a piece of HVAC equipment) using NOTHING but the SHAPES on MICROSOFT WORD. It took me a solid hour but the final product almost doesn’t look like strategically placed lines and rectangles.


Mostly what I’ve done is have a discussion with the boyfriend via text trying to let him know that I still love him even if I’m not the type of person that likes anything romantic and/or saying mushy feely things. I do feel bad and am trying to be a little more in that ballpark for him but it’s definitely not a thing that comes natural and he’s just got to be reminded sometimes.

Workwise, however, I have learned a lot and then some more about condenser heat recovery and all the different combinations of chillers, cooling tower and heat exchangers that can exist, depending on the need you need filled. It’s all very interesting and also completely confusing which means it’s slow going.

I’m not sure if my bosses expect my work to be to their standards right away yet or if they expect me to finish the work more quickly than I have been producing it but it always nags me in the back of my brain that I’m not doing it fast enough or that I’m living a lie and don’t remember anything at all from my classes. At least they can see improvement as I learn from doing and I have had many opportunities to do things.

I spend basically all of my time reading and typing and scrolling and coding on a computer screen and I’ve discovered that if you put the cursor over a long straight letter (for example, an “l”) and move it one pixel side to side, it is no longer black but instead goes from blue to orange. I find this very exciting and it is what I do while logicking something out.

And actually, today is a rare opportunity where my eyes can look at paper instead of pixels. I’ve dug up some hefty 1000 page handbooks on HVAC systems in order to have more of a clue of what I am doing. They’re quite interesting to pore over although I am severely missing the ctrl-F function to get myself where I want to be.

Song of the Day: Baby Don’t Dance – Mother Mother

Scripture of the Day: Psalms 3 and Proverbs 3. Both were very similar, reminding the reader that you actually don’t have to worry if your path is a righteous one, no matter what the world throws at you. It probably won’t be ten thousand warriors anymore but I think stress from all the things I have going on and worries for the future probably equate to that. God’s like, you should be able to sleep easily if you truly believe I am on your side. They also warned against rolling with the proud, the mocking and basically anything that the Bible categorizes as foolish. Just don’t, it’s really easy if you put in a little effort.

//This is a completely different style of blog post that my usual because I am trying it out as sort of a diary. Giving small tidbits of what has been going on in my life or going through my brain. They probably won’t be this long usually because that’s how first posts go when you’re motivated to do something but putting thoughts into typed words has always been therapeutic for me even if it doesn’t make for an eye catching blog post. No one reads this far down into a post anyway so that is reassuring in this instance.//


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