aka the only thing I spend any time doing.

I discovered this app while my friend was visiting from Kingston and I stole her phone. She hadn’t actually played any of it and just had it downloaded so of course I investigated.


The premise is really simple, you connect dots of the same colour in vertical or horizontal or any mix of those to get rid of them and then more dots fall down randomly to replace them. Kind of the concept of a lot of phone games actually. The fun part is when you make a box of dots and every single dot of that colour gets eliminated!! Once you’re on a streak of those you feel like you can do anything.

So the levels started out simple enough, there’s no time limit, just a move limit so you get to be strategic and plan everything out, and each level has an objective, whether it’s to get rid of a certain number of dots or, as you’ll see when you get into higher levels, you do other challenge-y things.

I don’t want to outright spoil it, but if you scroll up the levels (that part of the app is super aesthetically pleasing. the whole gosh darned thing is.) there are clear definitions on when a new section will start and with it will come a different type of challenge.

I super recommend it to people who don’t really like games that are all up to chance (although you can be dealt a good set or bad set of dots) and are very goal oriented and like focusing on doing something until they get it right.

It can get extremely frustrating and there’s a set number of lives you have that if you run out, you have to wait a while (LITERALLY THE MOST ANNOYING THING) but it’s so addictive and fun!

I’ve pretty much made every single one of my friends download it so that I can race against them up the levels and so that they can experience the sheer joy of this game.

This isn’t a sponsored post or anything I mainly wanted the rest of the world (or the part of the world that reads my blog) to know about this game and join me in tearing their hair out and moving on up, slowly but surely.


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