Coin Jewelry

The need I have for this is very intense.

I was scrolling through tumblr today and came across this picture where someone had carefully removed the heads from some american coins.

coincutoutI thought this was literally the coolest thing ever not only cause it makes me wonder how in the world they managed it (lasers?? a chainsaw? sheer willpower???) but it also looks so out of place and wonderful.

This also got me thinking down the path of how soon can I do this myself? What would I do with it? SO MANY POSSIBILITIES.

So legit this is on my bucket list I will one day manage to make cutouts in currency (except with Canadian money cause ours is so much cuter. I would have lil beavers and maple leaves and moose!!) and use them probably for jewelry like imagine just stringing one of these on a chain for a necklace or getting a bunch of them in a row for a bracelet.

Right now I’m actually supposed to be studying but my mind is going a mile a minute with how fun and creative it would be to play around with this idea.


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