Christmas Tradition: The Invisible Ornament

My family’s never been big on Christmas traditions, we only actually cooked the full turkey dinner for the first time this year, but we do have this one, slightly weird one that I’m going to tell you all about.

It’s pretty straight forward. We have a tree and we have our box of decorations – that contain your usual embarrassing childhood ones and your not-as-usual cat friendly ornaments hung along the bottom – but there’s this one in particular that pertains to the tradition. I have no clue when or how we got it but it’s basically a small bunch of fake pine needles on a string.

So we hang it and all the other decorations on the tree (embarrassing ones at the back) in mid-December and forget about everything until the time comes around for us to take it all down! We’re not supposed to be looking for it per say, just taking things off the tree and putting them away but it is an unwritten rule that whoever finds it wins that year.

It’s a lot of fun and surprisingly hard to find, I always enjoy it.

Your turn! Got any wacky Christmas traditions? The more unusual, the better!


One thought on “Christmas Tradition: The Invisible Ornament

  1. Oh, I love that one! We used to shoot a reindeer. Not a real one! A n inflatable one. We’d blow it up, then one person would pretend to shoot it, while another person let the ail out. It was remarkably real, the way it would slowly drop to the ground. I always used to feel a little sad, but that didn’t stop me for doing it every Christmas for as long as I remember. Don’t judge me.

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