Procrastination Tips

If you’ve followed me even for a short amount of time, you’ll know that I’m kind of an expert on procrastination.

So I’ve helpfully compiled a useful list of tips you can use to waste time more efficiently. These are tried and true, if you were worried about studying too much or getting everything done on your to do list too early, do not fret, this list has got you covered.

– Write a blog post.

– Check facebook. Check twitter. Check tumblr. Repeat.

– Discover a pointless app and obsess over beating it slash getting the high score.

– Go to the bathroom with your phone and don’t come out for a solid 2 hours.

– Cancel plans with people under the guise that you’re going to study and then don’t. It’ll  make you feel amazing!!!

– Learn a new language or instrument. (The more obscure, the better.)

– Take every buzzfeed quiz ever. (Yes it was necessary to learn what type of condiment you are. Wow, I just checked and this is actually a thing.)

benedict cumberbatch
I’m guilty of doing that with Benedict Cumberbatch…

– And while you’re at it watch every buzzfeed video!

– Pick an actor and then watch every movie they’re in, especially ones where it’s only for one scene and bonus points if they don’t talk!

– Show people your cat photo album. (The sad thing is I did that today actually.)

– Start cleaning your room but end in a pile of nostalgia. You know the drill.

– Go through all of your old tweets and make a compilation of your favourites. Then show your mom and see what she says.

– There’s origami tutorials, hair tutorials, make up tutorials and more, youtube is your enabler, go forth and learn.

– Play The Wikipedia Game!

– Get side tracked on Wikipedia and suddenly find yourself a master of horse racing 5 hours later.

– Make a list of lists you need to make and then make those lists in excruciating detail.

– Have a dance party.

– Discover the food in your fridge, don’t be afraid to get creative!

And there you go! Let me know in the comments if you have any amazing procrastination tips :)

//I’ve actually already made the polar opposite list with some study tips that could potentially help you so you can check those out right here.


11 thoughts on “Procrastination Tips

    • I’m glad you got a kick out of it! Let’s be real, the internet will always be far more interesting than the homework and studying there is to do but what can you do.
      Good luck with that exam tomorrow, I’m going to get back to studying for mine.

  1. I once ended up in an obsessive phase over doing origami paper cranes just because I did it one time. I ended up taking all this origami paper to school and doing it constantly; it was crazy. (Thankfully, I think I’m over it now.)

    I’m afraid that I’m also guilty of using my phone of the bathroom… 😅

    (P.S. @Just a Thought: I found you! :P)

  2. Just yesterday I allowed myself to go to youtube (which is never a good thing, NEVER) to watch ONE video of something entertaining (that’s a treat for the mom of a toddler) and I dived into a worm hole of videos of Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovski (sometimes together and sometimes not) and suddenly I was so determined to see good dancing and listen to good music and yeah… long pause while “working”.

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