mockingjay pt 1I’ve had The Hanging Tree stuck in my head for the past 2 days.

If that last sentence didn’t clue you in to what this post is going to be about, I’d like to take this opportunity to point you towards the title, how did you miss that?

The first part of the final movie in The Hunger Games trilogy came out last Friday and my book-to-movie adaptation buddy and I were all over it. We were so ready to hold our pee for 2+ hours to see makeup-less Effie, Natalie Dormer with the coolest haircut ever and a whackload of politics.

If I’m going to be honest, I don’t actually remember much of the plot of the book, it was the whole remember it as you go along deal, but I do know that I liked this book the least of the trilogies mainly because I don’t like bad things happening to characters I like and it was so political.

But I have to say that my overall impression of this movie highly exceeded my expectations!

I was so drawn into the plot that even though I knew enough that nothing was an actual surprise I didn’t notice the time go by. It was only when my friend started guessing at me where they would split it off that I realized it had been that long. Like legitimately I would’ve sat there for 5 hours to watch everything come to a conclusion. (Although my bladder might get some say in whether I took a break or not.) (Why am I talking about peeing so much like calm down you’re 19 years old, Karen)

Speaking of the split off point, (is there like a movie term for this? Halfway mark? Division between part 1 and part 2? Mockingjay bisection?) they did a very great job in giving the movie some kind of conclusion while obviously telling you there’s more and keeping you wondering about what happens to the characters.

Something great about the movie was that they actually explored the bad things President Snow was doing and didn’t try to tone down the people’s struggles. Like it wasn’t just about Katniss and her life and like the 3 people she cares about but instead we see the rebellions in other districts along with Finnick’s story about life after becoming a victor. Glad they kept that in.

Good acting by Josh Hutcherson also must have sucked for him cause he really didn’t get to interact with anyone while filming this half!

Also the like 3 funny parts were funny.

My commentary is kind of petering down and each paragraph is losing more and  more quality so I’m going to end this now. Overall I really enjoyed this movie like I stated earlier it was just excellent compared to the book and I’m slightly bummed that I have to wait an entire year for part two like I will sit through 5 hours for a movie you don’t know how much I need to see this all in one go, movie producers…


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