A Dream Realized

I can’t believe this actually happened.

So I don’t know how in depth I’m going to go into this story because the little details are sort of personal but the actual point of the story isn’t and I think it’s pretty nifty so y’all are going to hear about it.

It all started after camp 3 or 4 summers ago when one of my friends and I were exchanging snail mail with each other. I didn’t have facebook or a phone at the time and he still wanted to keep in contact post camp adventure so we did the thing and wrote actual letters that we put in the mailbox and it took like a week for it to arrive. You don’t know how amazing instantaneous texting feels like after going through that. But I’m still a huge fan of the classic letter writing.

How To Train Your Dragon came out and instantly became my favourite movie and a paragraph between us was devoted to discussing it’s many amazing features.

When he discovered there was going to be a sequel, we made a promise that we’d go see it with each other in second year university (since the original release date was slated for November) because it wasn’t likely that any of our other friends would actually want to go see an animated movie at that age.

Keep in mind that this was so far back that the second movie was just an idea and nothing was in production and we were already promising to see it in theatres 4 years into the future. So obviously it just faded to the back of our minds and wasn’t something either of us thought of like ever but it was in writing somewhere in my box of received letters.

We saw each other at camp every summer though and went through ups and down in our friendship like there was an 8 month streak where we didn’t speak to each other at all and yeah, the usual stuff that goes down.

In March of this year, I remembered of its existence and texted him out of the blue even though my other friend was like dude that’s really weird and random no one does that and luckily there was a reason we were such good friends because he instantly remembered and was on board with fulfilling our grade 10 promises and that’s the story of how I came to watch How To Train Your Dragon 2 last week!


One thought on “A Dream Realized

  1. I love this! Personally I am a big fan of snail mail as well. Interestingly enough I met a man at my apartment complex who works for DreamWorks and I just borrowed How to Train your Dragon (the first one) from him and I loved it! I am excited to see the second.

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