Packing My Bags

Actually, in this moment, I’m taking a break from packing my bags to write this post. So yeah.

I leave for camp tomorrow where I’ll spend the next 10 weeks so I’m basically packing away my life right now. It’s hard work.

There’s always that niggling feeling in the back of my brain that I’m forgetting something vital and sometimes it’s completely validated like that one time I forgot a pillow. BUT my sister is coming down two weeks later so I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine until then.

Another problem I’m facing is overpacking. The rooms aren’t the roomiest and you’re sharing with 4 other people so you all have to fit. But it’s camp so you never know the next chance you’ll get to wash all your clothes or what items might be necessary for games and costumes. What a dilemma.

Of course it always helps to make it more stressful when you’ve procrastinated literally an entire 2 months and are barely finished packing the night before. Great job me.

Oh well, I’m so excited about working at camp all summer it really is the place to be!!!


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