Shout Out To Owners Of Children

Seriously, though how do you guys do it.

I babysat for 7 hours today and it was so tiring… I’m in that awkward situation where I like kids but I don’t like being around them for much longer than an hour. So yeah.

Don’t get me wrong, the two little girls I hung out with all day arecrawling baby so sweet and were barely any trouble but I was so tired out from thinking of things to do and worrying if we were watching too much TV and keeping an eye on the little one while simultaneously giving the bigger one attention that if I had to do it for anyone longer I would’ve died.

There’s something about the stress of basically having lives in your hands – seriously, if I forgot to close the basement door, the little one would crawl to its death. Because of an open door. Ugh, open door; Frozen was playing in the background the whole time – AND the fact that you can’t have intellectual conversations – I don’t even know how many times I asked her what colour something was – that just makes my brain weep.

So to anyone who works with them or has some of their own and hang out with them and make them happy and safe without the monetary incentive that I had, mad props. You go, bros.


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