World Cup

Flashback to grade 5.

It was the end of the school year and halfway through 2006 where, if you count back two sets of four years, the World Cup was happening in Germany.

Now y’all know I’m from Brazil (if not, surprise, I am!) so I cheer hardcore for them during this competition even though I’m not the biggest soccer fan in regular life.

My teacher at the time was from France. Like literally he moved here during the summer. So, obviously he was basically France’s biggest fan. We used to have these morning exercises like pop quizzes for math and stuff and for one of those he actually asked “Who’s going to be the champions for the 2006 World Cup” and the correct answer was France.

So you could imagine it was pretty tense between us. BUT THEN there was anther girl in our class who was from a big Italian family. She loudly proclaimed that Italy was the one that will steal the show.

//I feel like I’m making this more dramatic than it actually is but it’s way more fun like this anyway, right//

There was lots of friendly banter and competition ie my teacher calling both of us out whenever our countries didn’t do too well and us in return doing the same to him. That said, there was a kind of camaraderie between me and the other girl that we just needed to beat the teacher. Like it would suck if our own country didn’t make it but at least we wouldn’t have to suffer through him celebrating France’s victory.

You don’t even know my relief when Italy won. Life is good.


In 2014 World Cup news, Brazil played the opening game against Croatia in Sao Paolo and they DOMINATED.

My whole family watched it and man was it stressful. neymarCroatia getting the first goal of the game only thanks to one of the Brazilian players accidentally nudging it into our net. Thankfully, there’s a guy named Neymar who is my new favourite person that got 2 of the 3 goals Brazil scored during the duration of the game!!

There were some sucky calls and everyone was really aggressive and probably stressed but overall it was a great opening game (especially for Brazil fans!) to start out the FIFA 2014 World Cup.


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