My Specialty

Okay, I’m almost done my binge watching of every single Grey’s Anatomy episode so scuse me that it’s on the brain.

But I’ve actually taken a lot of consideration into what specialty I would go into if, for some reason, I found myself done medical school and in the middle of my residency. Yes, I know I’m crazy and normal people don’t think about these things. Whatever.

I only have Grey’s Anatomy to base this off of so sorry in advance about all the things I have no clue about!!!

From what I can see, you can pick from ortho, gyno, trauma, general, cardio, neuro, pedes or plastics. There are probably also more specific ones like proctology but who wants that.

Right off the bat I can cross trauma off that list because do you know how stressful that would be? Making snap decisions and doing everything quickly but correctly? I’ve already had a taste of that with getting my lifeguarding certification and would not love to do that any more than I have to.

Gynecology and plastics are both pretty legit but also both don’t interest me. Like having to deal with pregnant ladies and babies is not my cup of tea and then the perfectionism that comes with plastic surgery as well as the types of surgeries you get don’t interest me.

humanheartCardio‘s actually pretty cool but I would be too freaked out every time that this was the organ that basically keeps the entire body alive and one wrong move could drastically change everything and also spurt blood. Ah.

Neuro is basically the same as cardio to me except even more interesting!! Like this slab of meat controls everything you do and somehow your thoughts also happen in there. Crazy. But one wrong move and your patient is alive but can’t speak. Obviously right now that’s incredibly stressful but still, I’d have tons of training if I were to go into that so it’s definitely my favourite option.

I don’t even think of general surgery as an option because it’s just all the squishy parts of you in your torso. Pancreas, spleen, bowels. Nope. No way.

I don’t think I’d have it in me to do pediatrics because I simultaniously love kids and think they’re adorable and great and funny yet at the same time I have a really hard time hanging out with children for long amounts of time. So basically I’d be annoyed while they’re awake and traumatized if they die.

brokenhumerusFinally orthopedics sounds really awesome, just working with the skeletal system. It might be a bit extreme with all the sawing and drilling and setting of the bones but it still sounds pretty fun and wouldn’t even be uninteresting so it’s my second best option!

All this of course is hypothetical because no way do I have the stamina to be in school for that long AND be an overacheiver. Like I love excelling in what I do but I like having a natural talent and not have to put in too much effort. Yup, the laziest perfectionist you’ll ever meet.

Your turn! Just for fun put down in the comments which specialty you’d choose and, if you’d like, also put why.


2 thoughts on “My Specialty

  1. Love your blog name and this post made me smile. I always thought I”d be a geriatric doctor if I’d chosen that field. Pretty sure I couldn’t work with terminally ill kids. I’d be a puddle of mush on day one. Neurology might be interesting now that I think about it, especially since we know so little about the brain. Loved your description of the “squishy parts” which would probably mean I wouldn’t be a good surgeon. Thanks for sharing this:)

    • Thanks for responding!
      Oooh, I never even thought to put that field and my friend’s sister actually works in that. I’m glad there’s someone else out there who thinks about these hypotheticals even though they’re not that good with the squishy parts :)

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