The Feels In Our Stars

I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend.

Not this movie though. It was all ups and downs, highs and lows, tears and laughter the whole way through.

tfiosmovie I had been waiting for what seems like my entire life for this movie to play out in front of my eyes. I read the book the month it was published, heck I was around when we named the book! I reblogged the pretty quotes on tumblr and celebrated along with everyone when the movie rights were bought. I stressed over the casting and pounced on every single released clip to over-analyze with my similarly obsessed friends. And last night we finally watched it.

I’m going to try to give a rational review and actually criticize it fairly but y’all know I’m just going to gush about my favourite parts and get annoyed by super pointless details.

Let us applaud everyone who was involved in making it for keeping it incredibly true to the book. I purposely didn’t read the book recently or even go through the wikipedia article because I didn’t want to get hung up on all the tiny details that they’d inevitably have to cut out. It made me really extremely happy whenever something went exactly like it did in the book with direct quotes and everything. ((I am not ashamed to say that whenever I knew a quote was coming, I definitely mouthed it along with Gus or Hazel or Isaac))

There were song opportunities that they did miss out on like Augustus’ relationship with his parents and how big a deal it was for him to make the decision to go to Amsterdam instead of other very important things. Hazel also had other friends that were never mentioned during the film and Isaac was less of a person in the movie and more just comic relief. I guess it’s forgivable because although those things do give some substance it kind of would be better to use the 2 hour length of the movie towards the plot and what the main characters are up to.

Now back to the roller coaster part, they played with our emotions hardcore. Like it was pretty lighthearted at first with sarcastic Hazel and pretentious Augustus and The Literal Heart Of Jesus but this is a sad movie so it inevitably took a turn in that direction and we were all rightly depressed BUT THEN it cuts to a lighter scene and you’re in a better mood and falling in love with the characters some more but once again it gets serious and sadness envelopes you and some people crack and start with the waterworks and on and on, up and down but definitely gradually tending towards sad more of the time.

//like a sine wave turned 45 degrees clockwise. Don’t give me that look, there’s math in the movie too//

I can pinpoint the exact moment when I actually started to bawl but I won’t say it here just in case some of you are trying to avoid major spoilers. Try and guess in the comments which part it was!! There were still hilarious parts after that moment though so I found myself in the dilemma of trying to laugh while my nose was stuffed with snot…basically I was just a mess for the latter half of the movie.

I dunno man, this review was basically just me telling you that the movie was sad and funny which is super specific, I know, but there’s so much more that was awesome like how realistically they portrayed both of their illnesses and Hazel’s relationship with her parents (which just about broke my heart) and also how any okayokayelectronic correspondences (ie text or email) get superimposed on the screen in a cool way.

I feel like I was almost too awestruck to actually take in the entire movie but don’t worry because as soon as the dvd comes out the friends and I will be watched it over and over again. And discovering what John Green’s cameo was like!!

Final verdict: GO SEE IT it really was amazing and told a love story about two people in a simple yet complex way and was completely real yet also magical and I’m going to stop before I juxtapose myself to death.

Last thing, I promise: Hazel’s room was fan-frickin-tastic it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen I would love to steal that place and live there happily for the rest of my days. The layout and colours and doorway and shelves and ughhhh everything was my favourite.

//actually wait I just realized she has stairs going up to her room yet stairs are really hard for her that’s not smart you guys//


One thought on “The Feels In Our Stars

  1. I also cried tons and tons at this movie, probably more than most other sappy movies. I thought it was really cliche and stereotyped (I saw what was going to happen pretty early on, even without reading the book, and I wasn’t surprised about anything in the plot), but I do think there’s a role and place for that sort of thing in life.

    The one thing that I thought was too oversimplified, which people have told me is better in the book, is that Hazel’s life seemed so flat at the beginning of the film…like she didn’t have much of an existing social context and there wasn’t really much in the way of clues about what her life up until that point had been.

    But all that said I still really recommend it too…especially if you’re looking for some feels.

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