Sorting Systems

I love sorting systems.

I love trying to figure out where I’d fit in in these fictional worlds created in books like Harry Potter with the house system and Divergent with the factions. Y’know, during a time period where death and uprising aren’t a common theme, of course.

Except there isn’t much “trying to figure out” since there’s always an obvious choice in every situation. For some strange reason there’s always one group whose defining characteristic is intelligence AND, to put the cherry on top, their colour is blue!! Like could there be anything more perfect for me who adores blue and is into all the smartypants stuff.

Thank goodness Ravenclaw and Erudite exist so that I feel secure in what my position would be had I been born into those book worlds.



What about you guys? Do you know where you’d end up? (And saying you’re divergent doesn’t count cause technically we’d all be) I’m sure many of you have done the official Pottermore sorting so does that agree with what you think you’d be?


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