The Sun and Me

I’m pretty lucky.

Because of my Brazilian heritage I don’t have to worry too much about being out in the sun. I know people that spend 5 minutes walking outside and get nasty burns somehow. I am literally the opposite I can go outside for a bit and already start getting a strong farmer’s tan.

I’m normally pretty pale I’ve got the light hair light skin thing that no one else in my family has (besides my mom who’s got light skin since she isn’t actually Brazilian at all) but once the snow melts and the sun is here to stay, I darken up really quickly.

My legs, arms and shoulders tan really really super well…but then there’s my face and scalp and basically everything above the neck. I don’t know why it is it’s just my head doesn’t want to cooperate. Instead of doing what the rest of my body does, I burn. I turn pink and get all red and hot. Of course it’s the one place you can’t hide. So that’s where I go hardcore with the sunscreen because if not I’m all set to be a tomato.

I look most like the tennis girl...
I look most like the tennis girl…

And yes, it does happen that I burn elsewhere if I’m exposed to the UV rays for a really long time but the next day or something it already turns into a tan! Not really the case for my face. It eases up slowly and normally goes back to its pale self for some odd reason. (Although my the end of the summer my face is a few shades darker so tanning happens somewhere in this process I guess.)

It’s already begun now, my shorts tan line is killer and I’m trying to eradicate the tshirt tan line that I doomed myself to while building a barbecue outside one time.

So how does the sun affect you guys? Are you a burner or a tanner?

~~~PSA: put on sunscreen if you’re going to be outside regardless if you burn or not UV rays do more than just change the pigment of your skin and sunscreen helps block that out!!~~~


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