Boy Next Door

My friend is living the dream. (and I as well, through her)

It all started when her mom went to the open house of a house on her street. (Side note what is it with moms and wanting to know what the other homes in our neighbourhood look like? Seriously it comes to the point where going through their pictures on property websites becomes too strange)

She’s a person that is able to get information from anyone no matter how much of a stranger she is to you, in this case just meeting at a random open house, and got some great information while snooping around to bring to her daughter:

There was a family looking to buy that house that had a 19 year old son; same age as we are. If this isn’t amazing news I don’t know what it. (there is a lot of news better than this but in this moment that’s all we were thinking)

So basically she gets a – hopefully cute – boy next door to fall in love with, the usual.

//nevermind that she hasn’t even seen him yet but that’s irrelevant//


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