Vitamin Calcium

There’s nothing better than a story that embarrasses your sister.

So Julia and I were in the kitchen talking, as you do, about the multivitamins we have in our cupboard. I don’t remember exactly what was happening maybe I was reading what was in them whatever the process was discussion about the contents of the vitamins was happening.

Julia noticed that there was a wackload of vitamin C and went on about how maybe she didn’t need to take it since she always ate a lot of milk and cheese and yogurt and that there was such a thing as having too much of it and that it could possibly be bad for her she learned that in bio class.

And I just waited for her to finish and said “Julia, you do know there is a difference between vitamin C and calcium, right?”

Oh man the look on her face after she realized that she was totally off was absolutely priceless.

I bring this story up often.


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