Jeopardy Julia

jeopardyjuliaI feel like people don’t get excited about Jeopardy enough.

Currently on the show, there is a woman named Julia Collins that is completely dominating the game for the past 2 weeks. As of me posting this, she has won 18 times consecutively which is currently the 3rd highest amount of wins, right after David Madden’s 19 and Ken Jennings’ 74.

As you can tell, she has the record for the longest streak for a woman AND is about to tie Madden (fingers crossed) in tonight’s match!

What I find really remarkable is that the majority of the time she is unbeatable by the time final jeopardy comes around. That means that her score is more than twice what the person in second place has. Just think about that! She is not only in the lead but she is so far in the lead that she doesn’t have to worry about staying in the game during that last stressful part of the television show!

From watching, she seems like a really likeable person, smiling the whole time and admitting she almost didn’t go on the show because she hated the sharing-personal-information part that happens right after the first commercial break.

I’m rooting for her so hardcorely, this is exciting people!!!


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