Secret Weakness

It’s time you all knew.

Remember though that I’m still the same person I’ve always been. Just because you will now know this about me doesn’t mean there’s any reason to treat me differently or anything. I’m still me.

Okay here goes…

I can’t make playlists. I’ve tried before but I always end up failing. I see other people making summer playlists and songs to study to but I can’t seem to get the hang of it myself. Usually what ends up happening whenever I attempt to make one is that I just group together the songs I really want to listen to at the moment.

actual playlists from my actual itunes

I guess I can make primitive caveman playlists with catchy titles like These Songs Are All Slow or Wow They’re All From The Same Genre I Didn’t Even Make This My ITunes Did but does that really count? Really?

I’ve come to accept this shortcoming and either let other people deal with the music arrangements or listen to music the only way I know how and that is okay. We can’t all be super awesome at everything and I’ve found the one thing I can’t do.  (don’t hurt me being over the top cocky is how i deal with the series of disappointments that is my life)

Actually, after thinking about it, I would be ace at giving playlists titles. Like if they were already made and someone told me the theme or whatever brings them all together I could totally use my knowledge of words and humour to name them. Yeah.


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