X-Men: Discovery

aka I’m going to be doing a lot of movie watching and hardcore internet research over the next few days.

This started thanks to me and a bunch of friends (actually like 2 friends and then the rest were acquaintances but still very nice people) going to see the new x-men movie with all the verb tenses in the title. Also known as Days of Future Past. I was the noob that didn’t know much except some of the superheros’ (or do I call them mutants???) names BUT at least I didn’t walk out during the credits before they played the secret Marvel scene that always happens. I’m not that in the dark about things.

Y’all know how I feel about superhero movies but I have to say that I really enjoyed this one! One of my weaknesses is wanting to know ALL the super powers invented so the sheer amount of them in this film was perfect for me to sit and take in. Also there was Destruction Of Public Property but not as much as there could’ve been so props for that.

The whole time travel thing was cool and there were some genuinely hilarious parts to it! It’s kind of dumb to have your first x-men movie be like the 7th or whatever but don’t worry I’m wikipedia-ing all the people I don’t know and setting aside time to watch all the movies.

Ooh, favourite character was hands quicksilverdown Quicksilver because one he’s played by Evan Peters whom I love and two he was just so chill with his power like whatever no big deal I’m just going to zoom around and not only change the paths of these bullets but also give this guy a wedgie because why the heck not.


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