The Opposite Of Writer’s Block

My thoughts go at a million miles per hour.

Seriously, there’s an individual, albeit sometimes subconscious, thought in my head about every shred of information I take in with all 5 of my senses. That’s a lot.

Some of those thoughts turn into ideas and some of those ideas I find worthy of becoming a blog post! Sometimes I even get these thoughts stuck in my head, as if they were the lyrics to a song or something and basically that’s the main reason I even have this blog: to get them out. (Although it pleases me to no end that people actually enjoy reading this!!!)

Usually what I’ll do, since it’s often due to the situation I’m in aka an interesting one that I find inspiration and I can just sit down and start hacking away at a draft, is write down the mains points and tell myself I’ll get to it later.

There are so many of these jot notes. On sticky notes, in the drafts of my dashboard (currently there’s 29), in my organizational computer notes; they’re everywhere. And truth be told, they rarely make it out onto the internet.

It’s not that they’re not good! (I’m not cocky and full of myself….) It’s that I never get around to writing all the words that need to be added in order to make it a worthwhile post. I used to have the excuse of time and not having enough of it to spend on this side-hobby but now it’s really just the fact that I don’t have the willingness to sit myself down and write it all down.

//especially those hard ones that require research and taking corresponding pictures//

So in my head, it feels like backwards writer’s block. I have tons and tons of ideas but I’m not sitting at the computer staring at the screen. Just thought that was cool, not really even complaining or berating myself, it’s just funny.


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