The Socioeconomic Effects of Super Hero Movies

Slash the actual reason why I can’t stand most super hero movies.

I’ve got nothing against Superman and his crew but I’d rather not spend 2 hours just cringing every time an entire building collapses, killing dozens of people and accruing thousands in repairs.

//level up for using the word “accruing”//

I know it’s all fake and I know that it makes everything more spectacular with explosions and everything but seriously, why can’t they just duke it out in a field, or a dessert. Or maybe not blow things up at all and just have the witty banter part. I really like that part when it exists. New_York_BattleOr even discover the villain’s plan and sabotage it in secret. Those would all make for great plots as well with the added bonus that there isn’t unnecessary damage to the city’s infrastructure and the guarantee that the hero with actually be doing more good than bad since killing people in efforts to save them reaaaaally doesn’t look good in my book.

And that’s why I’m not fun at parties.


2 thoughts on “The Socioeconomic Effects of Super Hero Movies

  1. […] Y’all know how I feel about superhero movies but I have to say that I really enjoyed this one! One of my weaknesses is wanting to know ALL the super powers invented so the sheer amount of them in this film was perfect for me to sit and take in. Also there was Destruction Of Public Property but not as much as there could’ve been so props for that. […]

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