Jeopardy And Me

Jeopardy logo

It’s one of the few times my knowledge of random things becomes useful.

Trivia is one of my weaknesses. So this game show encompasses all that. I love playing at home and yelling every single answer that pops into my head. Also, when playing with my family, it is the best feeling to get one of the tricky questions right and then gloating if no one else did.

The categories that I do a little dance in my seat for are the ones with quotation marks in them. They’re automatically the best because it doesn’t matter what the question because all I have to do it rack my brain for any words that contain those quoted letters. You don’t actually have to know anything, you just have to have heard of it before.

Also one of my favourite occurrences on the show are when Canadian trivia comes up. Yes, Alex Trebek is Canadian but all the contestants are most commonly American so their knowledge on Canada is pretty limited. Any time one of those questions rolls around it’s pretty certain that we’re going to get something to laugh at. Like seriously here are some examples:

Jeopardy clue: *question along the lines of what city holds a stampede every year*

Person: “What is Whitehorse?”

Like I’m sorry and I get your thought process here with “horse” being in the name of the capital of Yukon but I really don’t think people would trek up there on a yearly basis. It’s extra hilarious because even the word “stampede” seems bare if you don’t have “Calgary” attached to the front of it.

Jeopardy clue: *literally shows a picture of Alberta*

Person: what is Edmonton?

2nd person: what is Saskatchewan?

Now that is pure gold. I can’t even.

So even though I love this show to death and have so much fun trying to win it at home, there is no way I would even be able to or want to go on the actual show.

First off, there’s the fact that I don’t know and don’t care to know all these facts about the US.

Secondly, there’s the buzzer and thinking on your feet stress. If this were a written test that everyone got a chance to answer all the questions in an allotted time, I would be having the time of my life. But having to buzz in right away even though you may not know the answer just because you might 3 milliseconds later but by then it’ll be too late because the person next to you has already started to say the words “what is…” is way to stressful. I’d probably have an aneurysm behind my podium thing.

Let me know in the comments of you relate to all or any of my thoughts on Jeopardy. I know I can’t be the only one that just loves this show to death!


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