Cat Love

Anyone with a cat will completely relate to this:

Whenever your cat shows interest in you or gives you any attention or actually is affectionate towards you, it is the biggest deal.

Cats do their own thing, y’know. You can’t really force them to like you and, unless you have trimethylaminuria (a disorder that makes you smell like fish), it may take a while for them to warm up to you.

So you’re both doing your own thing, both living in the same space, sometimes in the same room sometimes don’t see each other for hours; basically just coexisting. And it’s relaxing, don’t get me wrong. To be around another warm body but not have to give them any of your attention is quite awesome BUT if your cat willingly comes up to you and starts purring and/or rubbing against you and/or wants to sit right by you, you just get this feeling inside of you that feels really good.

(yes I just said “feeling that feels really good”. The only English I took in uni was technical report writing so deal with it.)

I guess it’s special because it doesn’t happen very often and you seem to have gained your cat’s respect in some way, shape or form so anyway, yeah, it’s phenom.


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