All The Time, None Of The Progress

What is it with having all the time in the world and not doing anything at all?

It seems to me that humans work so much better under time constraints and hectic lives. Well, at least the non-motivated ones like me. I can literally get so much done if I have 5 things due by the end of the week than if I have like 3 fun, non-stressful things planned during an entire week and nothing else to do otherwise.

I don’t know how I manage to complete nothing on my to do list while simultaneously keeping seemingly busy.

It’s extremely relaxing and refreshing not being worried about grades and fitting everything in and doing it right but at the same time it’s really frustrating how little I’ve accomplished.

I’m obviously talking about the fact that in the two weeks since I had my last exam, I really haven’t done much except turn 19, hang out with friends (barely) and watch Grey’s Anatomy. Like I can’t even be bothered to clean out my emails and that doesn’t require anything different from the sitting around on the computer that I do anyway.

I think time management when there’s really nothing to manage is a learned skill. It’ll take me time to develop how to construct my days so that I manage to still feel awesome for not having a lot on my plate but still getting a little bit done each day. Taking the time for myself and for little tasks that are on my list.

Don’t know if anyone else really agrees with this idea; let me know if you’ve ever felt like this before. As I’ve probably said before, this blog is just a way to get my ideas out in writing so this is probably a super boring post but my head’s a little more clear after writing it all out so #worthit.


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