4 Ways To Eat A Pizza

I was hanging out with friends today.

We watched Finding Nemo and How To Train Your Dragon and, more to the point of this post, made our own individual mini pizzas for supper.

I found it incredibly interesting that we all managed to eat the pizzas a different way:

1) She had just gotten dental surgery so she could only chew on really tiny pieces that were semi-soft so she had to go through all the effort of cutting the pizza into a million tiny pieces. It was adorable to watch her painstakingly do that. A fork and a pizza cutter were her preferred utensils for cutting which just added to the oddity.

2) She (another she) went for it no nonsense. She used scissors to cut the pizza into 4 equal bits and ate it like a normal person. Why does she hang out with us again??

3) I ate mine straight off the plate. It was pretty hot straight from the oven so instead of blowing on it or waiting for it to cool or something ridiculous like that, I just pushed a bit of the edge of the pizza over so that it was hanging off the plate and then picked up the entire plate and nibbled on the overhanging food! Genius, right? Totally. Added bonus that I didn’t forsee was the fact that I got minimal pizza grease on my fingers.

4) I don’t know what he was thinking but he decided to fold his pizza in half. We couldn’t figure out if it was a taco or a sandwich because it did have bread on either side of the innard but it was attached on one side so didn’t that make it a taco until he bit or disconnected the two halves to make it a sandwich?? Lengthy conversation ensued.


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