Boy Story

So I was hanging out at my friend’s house, playing catanSettlers of Catan, as you do, with what else but a group of boys. There’s like 5 dudes in that house as roommates so it’s a common occurrence there.

Anyways, while it wasn’t my turn, one of the boys that wasn’t playing and was just sitting around watching asked me if I had any brothers.

I replied with the fact that there are literally no males in my house, unless you count my cat.

He then gestured at the scene and pointed out the fact that I might not be used to such a thing happening then.

But I got the last laugh when I dramatically whispered at him “I’m in engineering.”

Just thought this was kind of a funny story plus I need to work on my story-telling skills, if you’re ever around me in real life, never ask me to tell stories because they never ever end well.

The end.


(ps: That title though!! It incorporates the general gist of this post AND is randomly a play on “Toy Story”. Hehe. I’ll shut up now.)


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