Birthday Countdown

birthday cake

I get irrationally excited about birthdays.

It’s a pretty weird thing that I do, especially considering I haven’t had a real birthday party since grade 8 or something but birthdays, mine or anybody else’s, are still super exciting to me.

I like going full out with things, usually concerning cards and cakes and I also get super stressed about picking the more perfect birthday present that’s the right amount of suited especially for their likes and taste with a dash of funny or silly.

I should definitely do a post on the cakes my sister has received from me. Man, get readyto be amazed.

Anyway, on this day, there is only one month left until my birthday which is my self made starting point to when I can get super excited about the arrival of my birthday. My friends most definitely hate me during this time period because I’m full of fun facts like: “hey. hey. guess what. 4 WEEKS UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY!! I’m going to be 19, isn’t that crazy?? Wait, where are you going…”

I promise I’ll try to tone it down on this blog, maybe just weekly reminders? I’m so selfless. It’s just so exciting!


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