I’m Lame

So this post-a-day business isn’t really working out.

And it makes me sad. I mean, it started out pretty promising, I would miss one day, oops, but then I’d just write two posts the next day and everything goes back to normal. If only that was the case now. At the moment, I’m skipping days at a time and then only popping back in to share a picture of my nails or something. (Not dissing my nail art skills, it just isn’t very nice of me to only show my face again in a really short, non effort type post)

NOTE: If all goes to plan though, I am going to use my four month summer to go back in time and fill in the missing days just because I have to prove this one thing to myself.

It’s really embarrassing though, like I’ve started to create recurring posts so that I wouldn’t have to think of ideas on the spot and could possibly plan and schedule them in advance but so far I’ve already missed three! Like how hard is it, Karen!

I would cut myself a little more slack if I had actually been using my down time well but to give you a little picture of what my life is, I started this post while the sun was still up in the sky and then I descended into the world of lying down with my laptop on my stomach watch himym interviews, took a nap, did my hair and ate some cake before returning here to finish the rest of this. Like I have an exam in 5 days that I could totally have been studying for, but instead I won 2048 for the 3rd time.

The reason I’m telling this is partly because it’s been on my mind and I need to let my fingers type it out before they can type anything else and so that I can hold myself accountable by making this public.

Thanks for listening, eh.


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