This is basically the incoherent thoughts swirling around my brain post-watching this 2 hour and 20 minute moving picture. (“moving picture” sounds like I’m trying to hard, doesn’t it. I just really didn’t want to say movie again.) So bear with me as I unload here.

Can we have a brief round of applause for how they actually stayed true to the book?? Yes, I know a LOT of stuff was missing and we can complain that they didn’t focus on the things we wanted them to focus on but basically everything that went on in the movie also happened in the book and there was no weird adding on of other stuff. This is exciting news!! Seriously, deviating from the plot is basically what ruins a book adaptation (cough Percy Jackson cough) so it seems like they learned from their predecessors and avoided that!

Characters now. I was very on the fence about Shailene as Tris as in sometimes I would be like “Yeah! She looks the part, she’s going to do great, they couldn’t have picked anyone better” and other times I’d be all like “There’s just something not right and I don’t like it and she looks so awkward and nope.” So yeah, going into the movie with that attitude, I can say that I somehow managed to keep that opinion. I still have no clue what to think. She was amazing sometimes and other times it was blah. Maybe it was just the script or something. I’ll probably always have this opinion but let it just stand that it was more of the time good than bad.

Four was very good. I mean Theo James was very good. The poor guy had a couple bad lines but he pulled it off very well.

As for everyone else, we barely got to know them! Seriously! I could barely tell the difference between Peter and Will (and Al) which made for some very confusing times. We barely got to know who the other Dauntless initiates were or see any of the interactions between them. Heck I didn’t even like Caleb and I kind of had a crush on book Caleb for a little bit. Like there was no explanation on him joining Erudite since they reeeally played up him being a “good Abnegation” but didn’t talk about the books in his closet or whatever like the book did.

Those things kind of irked me.

I could go on about how the training phase kind of disappointed me since it was one of my favourite parts and how a lot of things weren’t really that well explained and how come in Tris’s fear landscape her fears all smudged into each other while Four’s was completely separated and you knew when one started and another ended but I’m assuming they mostly stemmed from the fact that the book is pretty large and even 2 and a half hours doesn’t cut it to get everything.

One last thing to hate on and then I promise I’m done. It’s a really dumb thing to care about I shouldn’t even include this in my review but here goes anyway because I can’t stop thinking about it: I just really didn’t like the fact that everything revolved around Tris. (DUH KAREN SHE’S THE MAIN CHARACTER) I know, I know, it just felt weird having her being singled out by Eric and her always being picked to go first and her planning their capture the flag plan and all her all the time. I dunno. I’ll stop talking now.

Overall, it completely exceeded my expectations but that was only because I went in there thinking it was going to be absolute bird poop. The trailer somehow set me up to think it was going to be way off and try to market more to the masses than to the actual readers of the books but it turned out to be quite the opposite in that it helps A LOT to have already read the book going into it.


(side note did anyone notice how Four sounded almost exactly like Gale in The Hunger Games because they were both faking American accents? I found that pretty funny.)



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