The Dead Cells On My Fingers

aka fingernails.

I don’t know why you need a backstory for a picture of my nails but you’re going to get one anyway.

I had painted all my nails with a dark navy blue but of course that’s not good enough for me so I chose a light, see-through-ish blue to put on top of it that gave it a galaxy-ish sheen if that makes any sense at all. Once I had finished one hand, a bottle of clear sparkly nail polish caught my eye and I immediately wanted to put that on top instead to make it look like the night sky.

(Everyone puts this much thought into painting their nails, right?)

Basically, I was too lazy to redo one hand so I now have two different tinges of blue painted on either hand and here’s a picture with my face again derping in the background.

tried to make it so that you can see the dif in the colours on each hand. how considerate

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