How About That Gold?

I’m talking about how Canada brought home the most physical gold medals in the winter Olympics this year because we dominated at hockey and curling.

I have to admit, I didn’t watch the curling finals but I did however witness the two gold metal hockey games because how could I call myself Canadian if I didn’t. The men’s one involved me waking up at 7 on a weekend so that is some intense dedication.

CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE CANADA VS USA WOMEN’S GOLD MEDAL HOCKEY FINAL??? Can we talk about the fact that the US was up by 2 whole points until there was only 3.5 minutes left in the third period. At this point you kind of just call it and accept the fact that there’s nothing you can do. BUT NO. The Canadians make one goal. But that doesn’t change anything unless they make another. Which they do with only seconds left, thus tying the game and sending it into overtime.

But not before the most stressful thing ever happens.

We took our goalie out of the net to go into overdrive for scoring that second goal and somehow, the puck got shot towards the empty net from further than half court. (half ice?) There was no one in between it and the net and it totally looked like it was going in. AND THEN IT HIT THE POST. I could not believe that actually happened. It was just a beautiful moment for everyone.

But yeah, we then won pretty quickly into overtime and set the standard once more for the men’s hockey team to step it up for their game a few days later.

That game was incredibly boring, Canada getting three goals and just doing really well in general which was obviously exciting. It was a Sunday morning so we had to be at church but since this is a hockey nation it was playing on a projector downstairs. Of course.


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