Valentine’s Day Cards!

Before you ask, no, I don’t have anyone to give them to.

I made some generic Valentine’s day cards because, let’s face it, v-day is just amazing for any budding punster and even if you’ll be spending the day in a physics lecture and then having a bake-off/movie night with friends you can still indulge in that fact.

There are a million and three other other wonderful and amazing ideas floating around the internet and I’m sure you can go find them by yourselves so I’m not doing a masterlist of my favourites but I will show you some cards that I made with my one two hands!!

chemistry-front chemistry-inside







There’s this set that proves what a huge nerd I am. It’s probably too small to see but the elements all have their corresponding atomic numbers… Also, I’ve been told that this card style looks a lot like the xkcd comics. If so that is an AMAZING honour!!








I don’t know if anyone will get the reference anymore but this was how Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory asked out Amy Farrah Fowler and I thought it was too cute not to copy.








Yes, I know this idea has been done countless times but I can draw whales pretty well so who are you to deny me that opportunity!! Ps, the correct answer is “dolphinately”

I want to hear from you guys! What’s your best Valentine’s Day pun? Have any exciting plans for today?


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