Scale: Book to Movie

My friends and I do this thing.

I tend to surround myself with book nerds so many, many, many of our conversations revolve around different books and the news that includes them. Meaning that any adaptations to the big screen are always anticipated.

Right now, I’m eagerly waiting for Divergent and The Fault In Our Stars but that’s a whole other thing.

We didn’t explicitly come up with this method of grading movies on purpose, it sort of rose from the need of being able to correctly describe what you felt about how well the movie turned out compared to the book.

There are some movies that we all just agree collectively on how good or bad they are and they basically set the standards for any other movies to come.

Sadly, sitting at the bottom of the scale is the Percy Jackson movies. MAN, could you have done any worse? Like this series is loved by many and you mangle the plot so badly and don’t even remember what one of the main characters looks like. (Actually, not having Logan Lerman would probably have made it unbearable)

At the tippy top (thus far, it might be beat, which is a good thing!) is Catching Fire. The movie was so on par with the book it was amazing to see everything come alive exactly how we all imagined it in our heads. Insanely well done and a great example to any other book to movie adaptations in the works.

So that’s literally how we judge them:

“The Book Thief was not quite Catching Fire due to some things but it was pretty darn close!”

“I sure hope The Maze Runner doesn’t go Percy Jackson on us”


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